What is the name of this song???

Okay, This is going to be hard…

I have this song stuck in my head because the local radio station keeps playing it. I keep missing the title and artist, so i need some help figuring out what the name of the song is.

To the best of my memory this song came out in the very early ninetees. It is sung by a female artist and is very mellow sounding.

It starts out with something like:

I was sitting in the corner when a man looked in the window
after each set of her lyrics are done she sings:

Da da da d da d da da, Da da da d da da da d
Geez I wish I could hum this, but if anyone in the world knows what I am thinking about please tell me!!

That’s "Tom’s Diner", by Suzanne Vega.

and now it’s stuck in my head


I was way off on the lyrics, I’m glad you figured it out

I love that song. Especially the part, “To the bells Of the cathedral”. Thanks for it’s title.

There are two versions of “Tom’s Diner” on Solitude Standing. The first one is a cappella, just Suzanne singing without any backing.

The second one is instrumental.

There’s a nifty “cover” by DNA which took her a cappella version and put a great beat under it. That might be the version you heard, if so, look for an album called Tom’s Album, which is a collection of various covers of that one song. Very cool CD.

Solitude Standing is better, though.

I also heard a satirical version of this but I don’t know by whom. The “da da da” part was sung to the tune of the theme from “I Dream of Jeannie.” This is hilarious.