What is the origin of your SDMB name?

I would advise caution. There were rumors that a pair of sparkly jackboots were never turned in.

It appears I’ve been demoted.

Holy Crap!! really???
pounce huggles the Spice Weasel and staples her to the board, so she can never go away n’more

Also my username comes from that that I’m a Janis Joplin fan (with a bit of a nod to Big brother as well)

My mistake and sorry about this.

I definitely misused the word whooshed.

I can’t see your name without thinking of aspirin, followed a moment later by “Nope, he means the harbor.” Fools me every time.

That part of St. Louis is called Soulard. And in fact is immediately south of the rail yards immediately south of downtown. I spent many a happy, if hazily-remembered, night down there absorbing beer, mudbugs, live jazz, & blues. It’s really a treasure.

It’s the old French area built around 1880 and hosts the largest Mardi Gras celebration in the USA after New Orleans. Sadly all-day/all-night street parties in mid Feb are a lot more fun on the Gulf coast than they are in the chilly Midwest.

I did also. Dwyr was my first cat. A very smart, large, handsome gray tabby boy.
If he’d had thumbs he would have been dangerous.

Before the board ‘switched’ I was Hi Medlo, taken from the heat settings on my kitchen range…Hi, Med, and Lo.
When the board changed, Bob Catly was the first thing to come to mind.

I wonder if I should change my name again. I wasn’t thinking of the pharmaceutical company when I made the change.

@Bob_Catly, there is a thread with instructions for people with a previous username to get the new account merged with the old one so you can retain your posting history. (Your old name is still here, but it was changed to Hi_Medlo. Now you have 2 accounts.) EngineerCompGeek will fix you up.

See here: Name changes and fixes

Send me an email at EngineerCompGeek@gmail.com and we’ll get you sorted out.

SPICEY!! Welcome back, even if it’s just a pop-in.

May be just me. I took note of you as a poster for quite some time before your biography dribbled out. I assumed you worked in the Japanese HQ of Bayer AG.

With your new location you could become Taiwan_On or some other whimsical wordplay.

Then again, if the CCP gets fussy enough in the next 4 years you may be emigrating again. Might want to skip the geographic references in your name. We do still have a location field in our user profiles albeit, not shown on our posts.

The Dude’s Car
Old, beaten, battered, disrespected…

But how do you smell?

Probably with his nose?

Vagrants use me as a toilet.

I was sure it was because the chicks thought the Dude’s car was hot :comet::fire::boom::racing_car::comet::boom::fire:. Obviously they still do…Cause a Doper would never fudge the truth.

Years ago, there was a Shakespeare discussion board that allowed you to pick a name for each post. After a post debunking the silly Oxford authorship nonsense, I was going to sign it “Reality Check” but accidentally typed my name. When I got to the SDMB a few months later, I had stuck with it.

If I had to guess, it would be because you never logged in to the old board to get your Charter Member status after you were de-modded. I seem to remember it taking at least one login or maybe even one post for titles to take effect.

Anyways, welcome back. Hope you can at least pop in every once in a while!

There was a drop-down option in Settings that I missed. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the welcome.

I was an avid whitewater kayaker for many years. At the height of my obsession with it, I had been lurking here for a while, on a tip from a poster at another message board. Someone asked a question in CS that I felt I had a good response for so I signed up to answer. I had just read an article in the American Whitewater magazine where a sheriff of a small Appalachian town was asked his opinion of the paddlers that descended on his town every spring. “Ah, they’s just river hippies” was his response. With this fresh in my mind I used it as a user name.

If you met me, “hippie” is not the image that would come to mind.