what is the real morale in Iraq?

are the iraqis glad saddam is gone? It seems that the country is in shambles and no one is the least bit relieved. I’m sure there is more truth than this. can anyone shed some light?

What specific question do you want the Iraqi people’s opinions on. From
this poll, taken in May, 27 percent view the Coalition Provisional Authority favorably, and 57 percent want American troops to leave. The article also mentions what trends have been occuring during the year. Generally favorable opinion towards American troops and the CPA was higher right after the invasion and has since dropped.

No cites, but the impression I’ve gotten from all the news reports and polls and what not indicate that, on average, the “typical Iraqi”

(a) is glad Saddam is gone, and
(b) wishes the US would leave as well.

“(b)” is a bit complex, since some Iraqis are still living without reliable utilities and services, and can’t understand why a superpower like the US can’t just snap its fingers and make everything hunky-dory. There’s a lot of suspicion that the only thing the US really cares about is getting its mitts on Iraqi oil, and stuff like that fuels those beliefs.

the “morale” in Iraq is that our reservists and Guardsmen are starting to wonder when they’ll ever see home again. :wink:

the moral in Iraq is: Get nuclear weapons NOW!! So your country can say “fuck you” to the United States.