What is the reason for removing the 'Ask a muslim woman' thread?

I understand that Sarah W claims someone else used her name and the mods/admins are looking into that.

But why remove the thread? Can’t you lock it, while looking for more info?

I’m curious about some answers given by Sarah or whomever was answering, but more important: Iridium & Angua were participants in that thread and I missed their last remarks.

Could you please return the thread? Thank you.

The OP disavows that the postings under her name were indeed made by her and requested closure, mentioning a potential breach in computer security on her part. We are investigating the situation and in the meantime have removed the thread from public view.

your humble TubaDiva

If, hypothetically, someone made that claim in order to post a thread, and was found to have lied about it (since it seems rather unlikely to me) would they face sanctions afterwards? Just hypothetically, of course.

Speaking hypothetically, we would tend to believe that this was someone who was trolling the board to get hot-button responses. We usually throw those people off the board.

your humble TubaDiva

Hypothetically? Riiiight. :wink:

Hypothetically, don’t make me kick your ass for impugning my honesty! :wink:

Ass-kicking belongs in the Pit. Impugning honesty belongs in MPSIMS. Hypothetically, that is.


While I appreciate the explanation, I’m not sure what you mean by “investigating”. There really is no way for you to investigate anything. All you have to go by is the Ip address from which the posts came and since she claims her computer was hijacked, the Ips will be the same for all her posts whether she’s lying or not. The only thing you can do is decide if you believe her.

I, for one, don’t. She’s been very consistent in her posts and she repeatedly claimed she regretted starting the thread. Looks like a convenient excuse to dodge all the questions she vowed to answer.

If i’m mistaken, please correct me.

Ok, i’ve just read THIS thread and what Sarah apparently claims is that she didn’t start the thread to begin with. If that’s the case, I withdraw the second part of my post. I was under the impression that she claimed her account was hijacked long after she started it.

And because i’m a trusting guy, I’d like to extend my apologies to Sarah. I suggest you start a real thread on your own to set things straight.

“Investigating” means we’re having some conversations with her to see how best to handle. What, you thought it meant we were doing DNA testing on the keyboard, serving subpoenas, and wiretapping the phone line?

Quite often, we cause threads to disappear during an “investigation” – they can always be restored later if that’s the best route, but in the meantime, no further damage gets done.

Isn’t there a crack Mod swat team (or Mod Squad, if you will) that does just this sort of thing for you guys? That and kick down the doors of malcontents and the wilfully ignorant, whacking them about the head and kidneys with a clue-by-four?

Just like the DOJ! They ‘disappear’ people all the time! :slight_smile:

FWIW, I think she’s a troll and should be banned. The only shred of doubt I have is that the OP had a distinctly ‘masculine’ flavour to it; not what I imagine a woman of Islam, especially one of the fundamentalist sects, to have. Or at least not the Muslim women I have met. Of course a college girl from Illinois who’s playing fundamentalist Muslim to get a rise would likely not sound retiring either.

Just curious…what constitutes a “masculine” flavor to one’s posts on an Internet message board? Perhaps you’d care to predict from their “masculine” or “feminine” flavors which of the posters in this thread are female and which are male?

And may I say also that your sampling group of “Muslim women” must be quite limited. There are some powerful minds under those burkas, whose existence is apparently completely unsuspected by you.

Great. Now I have an image of a grinning Tuba standing next to a naked pyramid of suspect threads, and Dex behind her giving a thumbs up…

I refuse to talk about it, I plead the 18th Amendment.

I’m going to close this thread, on the grounds that it’s been asked and answered. Speculation about whether Sarah W really did write the thread and lied about it, or whether she was hacked as she says, or whatever… well, that’s Pit discussion, not here.