What is the Stil project?

I kept seeing references to this site, and so I finally followed a link to it.


I left soon afterwords.

But I want to know what the hell the “project” is and who is Stile?

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It wasn’t asked in GQ, but I’ll give you a GQ answer anyway - it’s a website which publishes documents, opinions, and pictures which many people would find offensive. As do many of my forensic science websites. As does almost every racist website on this planet. And heaps of the kiddie-porn sites have exit pop-ups.

This community tries very hard to give people some kind of warning if a link posted here is likely lead them to material which may offend them. It isn’t really hard to work out the domain names of the major offenders, but nor are most of the members of this community going to go out of their way to answer a question which could have been answered by the most basic of “Google” searches.

The Stile Project has no artistic merit whatsoever, if that was the question being asked by the OP (and I assume that it WAS, becasue the question was asked in Cafe Society). Most of the material they publish is no more original than that published by other “tabloid”, “shock-jock” sites. Much of it originates from copyright-protected sources which are never acknowledged (and - in particular - quite old medical journals and textbooks).

What’s the “Stile Project”? It’s a website which appeals to the most prurient interests of mankind while in no way offering any kind of context for the actions it depicts.

I think it is often very amusing, though I haven’t read it in quite some time.

There is no project, however. Just some guy living in his mom’s basement putting out free porn and scat movies, among other, more gruesome things.

I think we’re done here.