What is the time between you getting out of bed and the first firm commitment of the day?

By first firm commitment, I mean the latest you could leave the house and still be on time for work/dropping kids off at school/your first class/a meeting/whatever.

For me, I tried to keep it around 9 minutes but after one too many missed subways, I’ve now extended the leeway to 11 minutes.

Over two hours – if at all possible, I prefer to have a leisurely breakfast, groom pretty well, maybe grab some exercise (even a walk does it for me if I don’t feel like running or it’s too icy for me), read a bit, watch some porn (etc.), make some phone calls.

I allow 30-45 minutes to dress, have breakfast etc before I have to leave.

If necessary, I can squeeze it down to 5 minutes. But usually, it’s about 20.

About half an hour, but that’s only because I have three kids to also get out the door. If it were just me: less than 10.

I could be up and ready to go to work in about 15-20 minutes if I absolutely had to. This assumes I skip breakfast. Usually I budget an hour so I don’t feel rushed. I like taking long showers and I like to put on my makeup at a leisurely pace.

I misread the poll question. I wake up an hour before I have to be somewhere, but that includes the commute to get to said place. I can be ready to go out the door in 10 minutes. I don’t eat breakfast and I shower at night, so it’s really a matter of rolling out of bed, throwing on some clothes, and doing the whole peeing/brush teeth/wash face thing as fast as possible. I like my sleep.

You guys that do it in under 15 minutes must go out the door looking like you’ve just got out of bed 15 minutes ago. I take 15-20 minutes for shower and shave, let alone breakfast.

Alarm goes at 6:00
Shower, shave, dress between 6 and 6:20.
Make coffee, feed dogs, make lunch 6:20 - 6:30
Breakfast and coffee for me 6:30-6:45
Take dogs for walk 6:45 - 7:25ish
Wake hubby and another coffee 7:25-7:40
Out the door headed for work 7:40

Well, the OP asked for the shortest possible time, so I answered 10-30 minutes in the poll. But my normal schedule is to wake up at 7:30 and be out of the house around 8:30. I usually take 5 minutes to drag myself out of bed, 10 minutes for a shower, 15 minutes to put on my makeup and dry my hair, 10 minutes for toast, 5 minutes back in bed to snuggle, 5 minutes to get dressed, and another 5 minutes to collect all my shit and get myself out the door.

I usually also end up devoting 5 minutes to cleaning up some random mess the cat made during the night.

It takes me about 30 minutes to shit/shower/shave then get dressed. I don’t normally bother with breakfast.

I used to take under half an hour but with a nearly-three-year-old it takes much longer. I give us 90 minutes and some days that’s fine, others it is a stretch. I hate that I can’t predict if it will take her 3 minutes or 40 minutes to eat the same serving of breakfast cereal.

When I’m working a lot of overtime it’s 1 hr 45 min.

I get up at 5am, bumble around for a bit, eat some breakfast and I’m in the car raring to go (thanks to caffeine) at 6:45 to be at work by 7.

I had to put other as it depends on what I am leaving the house for.

See, we get up at 4 am weekdays, and I am always up at 5 am for my morning medications no matter what. [solid schedule, my day will always be 5 am, 1 pm, 5 pm and 9 pm medications no matter what else I do. My droid alarms to alert me of medication times and any other appointments.] I may or may not go back to bed depending on what my day looks like.

After I take my meds, if I do not go back to bed after breakfast [and unless it is a seriously special occasion it is oatmeal made with cinnamon and raisins.] I shower. I only wash my hair twice a week, and since I really don’t style my hair, I towel dry it and let it hang unbound to dry. I dress for the day, normally in a tshirt and sweats if staying home or just driving mrAru to work, or whatever clothing is appropriate for the activity I am going to do. I wear a bathing suit under sweats if it is a rehab day.[I do water rehab not land based rehab]

Since my day always starts with a shower, combing and rebraiding my hair and dressing in at least tshirt and sweats, I can be out of the house in 10 minutes once normal peoples day starts unless I need to sort through and change clothing, or rummage around for something that needs to be taken [like if mrAru needs a change of clothing, or someone I know needs to borrow something I need to rummage around to find.]

If we are going out and I need to be dressy, it may take longer because I need to rummage around and dig out dressier clothing. Probably rebrush and rebraid my hair. I don’t wear makeup so that is a moot issue =-) Call it half an hour at most.

I spend more time waiting for mrAru or the roomie to get ready than I take to get ready. I am a pretty low maintenance female [other than my gimpitude issues =)]

I try to get to work early, so I get up earlier than I would if I just wanted to walk in school as the bell rings.

In a rush, I can be out the door in 10 minutes if I have to. I’d prefer to have 20.

On a normal weekday I have to put the kid on the bus, so I guess that would count as my first firm commitment. I get up 6:35 for snuggle time with my son, and we need to be outside at 7:12-7:13, so…38 minutes. Then, I come back in and make tea and try to force myself to eat breakfast. I leave for work at 7:45 so I guess I’m in the over-an-hour category most days.

Shortest time is probably 15-20 minutes without being frantic. That’s shower, not washing my hair (it’s so thick that normally I wash it at night anyway), quick hair brush, deodorant, throw clothes on, grab my bags, check to make sure I have my stuff, refill the rabbits’ hay bin and water bowl, and go. If I laid out my clothes and things, it would take less time.

As it is, I usually take maybe an hour to an hour and a half. I hate rushing in the morning; I hate running around early so I prefer a more relaxed start.

10mins at a push but that would mean only a quick wash of the hairy bits and no shower.

Normally it’s more like 30mins. I don’t do breakfast and usually get anything I need really to go the night before. So it’s just shit, shower, dress and leave.

I have a personal commitment to get to work by seven, I’m technically supposed to be here by 8, but my first class doesn’t start until 8:45. I get up at 4:30 because I do part of my daily workout in the morning, and after that I like a little time to unwind, read the internet, eat breakfast. So if you count from the minute I get up to the first time I really have to be somewhere, it’s over four hours. I do go to bed early.

In a rush I can get out the door in 10 minutes. If I have 15-20 I can take a fast shower, comb my hair, and go out looking reasonably well-put together.

Generally I allot myself about 40 minutes - get up at 8, brush teeth and shower, have breakfast while I read or watch a movie, pack my lunch, and head out and in the winter take a few minutes to warm up my car.

It depends on how nummy I can look when i get there. For work about half an hour, if I just need to run errands about 10 minutes.