What is this distraught woman saying?

A shocking gas explosion has destroyed two buildings in East Harlem, and with more than a dozen people unaccounted-for, obviously many people are concerned.

One small thing that struck me as just a little odd about the report I watched was the street interview with the distraught mother searching for her daughter.

What is this woman saying at the 00:34 mark? I know it’s easy to misspeak or become confused when panicking, but what she seems to say just makes me think “hmm, that’s odd. Wonder what that’s all about.”

I won’t say what I think she’s saying just yet, in case my suggestion affects what you may hear (ie, the “black hole” effect).

I’m sure the truth of it is quite mundane, and I hope she finds her daughter safe.

Dammit! Missed the edit window.

Correct video is here.

Or not.
Double Dammit!

I think they keep switching the videos as the story updates.

No interview in that video.

Found it on Youtube.
Distraught mother’s odd response is at 00:55.

All I heard was “I need to know where’s my daughter. Chri- I don’t know - this building right here, she just moved in.”

There are a few indistinct words where I typed “Chri-” and it sounds a bit like “Chris.” Really horrible event. What did you think you heard?

I didn’t find that odd…she said “please help me…I need to find out where is [sic] my daughter…she just moved into this building right here, please help me.”
Very sad. My brother used to live in that neighborhood.

The reporter asks her “And what is your daughter’s name?”
To which she seems to respond “Christi. . . Lorai. . . I don’t know. . . . She just moved in here.”

Probably just confused in her anxiety.
I call my own kids the wrong names all the time.

Very sad, I agree.

Three confirmed dead now.

Yeah, I’m not seeing what’s weird or confusing about this either. Although the mother is understandably upset, her speech is pretty clear. Here’s my transcript:

MOTHER: Please help me. I need to know where’s my daughter.
REPORTER: Ma’am, where does your daughter live?
MOTHER: Chris–right–I don’t know if it’s this building right here, she just moved in. Please help me.

I’m not totally sure about the “Chris–right–” bit; it sounds like the mother said “Chris” or a longer word beginning with that or a similar syllable, then corrected herself. My impression is that she didn’t immediately process what the reporter was asking her, and thought she was being asked for her daughter’s name. She then said “right” (I think), presumably either just to show she understood the real question or because she was starting to say “right here” and then corrected herself again to say she wasn’t sure if it was the building right there.

Aha, now I see where you went wrong Not Carlson. You misunderstood the reporter, in the same way I believe the mother did. The reporter’s voice is quiet on the video, but if you listen carefully then I’m fairly certain she is saying “Ma’am, where does your daughter live?”

Thanks Lamia. You’re right.
I thought the reporter was asking “what is your daughter’s name?” but she’s actually asking “where does your daughter live?”

So, nothing odd (except my hearing), just tragic.
If anyone’s trapped under the rubble, I sure hope they get found quick.

Sorry for the mistake folks.

So, perhaps “black hole” effect after all?