What is this song? Exceeding weak clues.

There is a song that was on the radio in the mid 90s, more specifically 96.
It was guitar centered, and wah-wah effect was dominant.
I recall the second line of the song, maybe…
IIRC, it was “Come on down to earth, my friend”

I know, I know, pretty limp, but that’s all I got, except I thought it was Ian Moore, but I am totally unfamiliar with his work.

Can you tell me what the song is?


The Jimi Hendrix song “Power to Love” has this first verse:

Shoot down some of those airplanes you’ve been driving,
especially the ones that fly too low.
Shoot down some of those airplanes you’ve been driving,
especially the ones that fly too low.
Come on back to earth my friend,
come on back up with me.

Guitar centered- check
Wah Wah- check
Lyrics- check

maybe it was that, or a cover of that?

Maybe, third eye blind???

Just a guess… I think it’s from '97.

“Jumper” sounds right.

I’d say Jumper too. The line is…

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend.

No, sorry, none of these.

The singer sounded like Ian Moore on his song Driving through Harlem.

The beginning of the song sounded a little bit like the beginning chords of Robin Trower’s song ‘Alathea’, only slower. Perhaps with a blend of Foxy Lady thrown in. As I said, exceeeeeeeeeedinggggggg weak clues.

Thanks for helping,

great shakes

Argh, though the Ian Moore song pings some bells for me, but all I get is a sense that it’s riffing on “Come Together” by the Beatles.

Maybe the song you’re looking for is something by Jonny Lang? “Lie to Me” came out right around then, and it has the vocals and the guitar stuff you’re talking about, though it clearly isn’t the title track.

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand by the Primitive Radio Gods?

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard it, but maybe Come Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket?


Considering that in 1996, I honestly didn’t do a whole lot other than listen to the radio, I think I should know this one.

Unfortunately, I dedicated nearly an hour to the cause and I got nothin’.

I really want someone to figure this out so I can have my :smack:.

I am still trying to link it to another song, and I think I may have it.

The chord progression is very, very similar to Matchstick Men, by Status Quo. only without that irritating signature one note.

Put it in a lower register, and start comparing the songs where it goes

MM : Look in **TO ** the skies

Mystery : Come on **DOWN ** to earth my friend…

That’s where I am at right now.


I checked out Toad, and the phonebooth songs and they weren’t it.

Also, of all things, I actually know the Johnny Lang song, and that wasn’t it either.

Thanks for the trying!


That makes me think of “Low” by Cracker, though the lyrics don’t match. (“I want to take you down”).
I know that Camper Van Beethoven (some of the same members) did a cover of “Matchstick Men” and I think their style isn’t too far off.

Possibly another Cracker/CVB song?

No, not Cracker, either, but thanks for the try.


Could it be “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz? Listen to it after the little funky intro…That was around '96 and the chords are very similar to Matchstick Men.