What is up with Pimms o' clock?

I for one am looking forward to the founding of Wolf Rome.

In what way? :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved his gem of a title that started off ‘Should we tax Fat people?’ then had some sort of disclaimer like ‘[Not the real title]’ which turned out to be ‘bait’ to attract people to discuss what the government should provide. As Gordon Ramsey would say, “You fucking donkey!”

He’s kinda like VC03 on acid, almost.

Bit of a cunt, too:I might do it to a lizard. . .

shrug Aggressive insanity is far more entertaining to read than interminable disingenuous semantic handwaving. Give me this guy over prr and Lib any day of the week.

Well, when stupid reaches this level, it’s inhuman. It’s almost like having some freaky little sub-species roaming the earth. Sure, they look like people, but as soon as they start talking you realize they want to lactate and drink their own milk or something.

yeah, and I can fish ants out of an anthill with a stick so I can eat, too.

That’s scary in an appealing, LSD sort of way.

OK, no it isn’t. That acid is brown.

Has anyone notified Pimms of this thread? Protocol and what-not.

I noticed he was given three different warnings by three different mods in three different threads…all telling him not to insult other posters.

Methinks someone is just not getting it, heh.

What’s up with him? I’m pretty sure it’s his drink of choice. Have you tried Pimms? Nasty stuff.

Off subject but you ever notice how–when a member who plays mafia makes a topic–a lot of mafia players reply? I count six of them in this thread alone.

Sorry, on with your regularly, scheduled pitting.

Vote Idle Thoughts

I have no intention of trying to convince him to change his ways. This is just a thread to mock him. He’s not even worth swearing about.

We’re cool that way. :cool:

No, no one did. I just logged on now after a hard (well, not very hard to be honest - I more or less sat around clicking the mouse occasionally) day at work.

There’s nothing up with me, I just have two flaws, one of which is I am frequently extremely intoxicated, the second of which is that I have a cheeky grin in person but my humour may not travel well when written.

Subset of flaw two is that I can’t really write for toffee. Flaw one is a subset of my superset of character flaws which also include strong feelings about certain topics. In fact the judicial one is an interesting issue that I’m going to go and create a great debate about now.

P.S. Caterhams don’t have boots. Or make saloons. Honestly, do you know anything about cars at all?

And P.P.S. the quintissential English Car, the Bristol Blenheim stores its spare tyre behind its left wheel arch. I know this because I used to have one. So there.

Yeah, you got me. :rolleyes:

After a quick shufty, I have come to the conclusion that the quintissential British Car is a Citroen 2CV. Or possibly a Reliant Robin.

Or that car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

It could fly.