What is with you? Shut my threads down again.

It’s what crashed into WTC towers and not planes.

Aw, why would you wanna do a thing like that.

Wow. I’m learning a lot from this thread.

Maybe we should have a public subscription to get K’s personal title set to “and shit.”

I, for one, do not need the moderators protecting me from SK’s strange threads.

Seriously, Powz, TubaDiva’s shit be hardcore. One time I seen her ban a guy just for lookin’ at her funny. He was postin’ and shit, not suspecting nothing, and then BAM! Why? 'Cause that’s TubaDiva, she’s like a assassinating samurai ninja ghost. Don’t mess with the 'Diva.

In other words, drop the act and shit. You didn’t used to post this way and it’s getting old.

I beg your pardon, elbows, but for the sake of clarity shouldn’t that be "True dat?

I like a little spin on the ball. He would make a great moderator.

A little spin? If there was any more English on S-K’s balls, they’d be named Windsor.

He’s over 50, he’s not totally up on the current slang.

Don’t be gettin’ all up in his Weber.


I think dis might be da other dude at da other thread, homey.

and schtick, I mean shit.

Fo rizzle! Especially wit the Lions draftin’ Dez Bryant and shit!

How’d you get drafted for short arm inspection duty?



  1. My wife read it on the ladies room wall.

  2. It is apparently very “short-arm.” Derringer even. :smiley:

bj0rn, is that you?

I’m starting to feel like there aren’t a lot of “Robot Chicken” fans here. :frowning:

His Mom has hacked his account.

NO! YOU…oh…wait…nevermind.

We need a receiver, son.