What is wrong with these women around me?

I probably know some people who have genital herpes; however, they haven’t told me about it.

The people I do know personally who are on disability need it.

I wonder what the OP, single in his 30s, life situation and career situation is like, seems like he hangs out with a lot of losers. As the saying goes, "Birds of a Feather . . . . "

Im not sexist I think I just look at it from a desired/expectation perspective and I feel let down or AHHHHHH!!! I could say plenty about men but this conversation really isnt about men its about whatever the heck is going on at this particular juncture. But yes I do know many many women with cold sores or herpes. It turns out many of my male co workers have it too. And the guy who takes care of the 5 kiods has a seriously ill one and i dont think there is much of any romance novel down time. I am using bias but I dont date men and I dont expect the same things from them. This really wasnt supposed to be about me but some of you lamers need to call me a sexist and take the conversation to your silly little comfort zone. The internet must be tough for you with all if its varied perspectives and your inability to see or add to them.

Ive largely bailed on 2 of the welfare/disability wonders and I need to get a whole different perspective toward dating. Dating websites and meetup groups.
Im also starting to wonder if the city Im in is more of a casual sex type of city. Everyones busy all the time and all you need is a booty call or two to get you by. We rank very high in national STD rankings.

I also agree with the person who said it may have something to do with the economy.

2 of the girls are living just as good as I am and they are on unemployment and disability. If every time I get knocked down I get back up on the way up Ill still see them getting by doing nothing and start to consider staying down. I assume thats how it starts

If you think being a stay-at-home-parent isn’t work, you’re an idiot. It isn’t paid, but a lot of hard work isn’t paid, and if the couple decided that having one working parent and one homemaker was the best use of their respective talents, good for them.

Or to put it another way, daycare providers ARE paid, quite a bit. If those women have two+ kids they better have a Secondary Degree and experience to hope to have a chance of making enough for employment to make sense.

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Hey, I remember that city. I didn’t know it had opted for casual sex.

Bon-bons? I’ve been doing doing it wrong. I thought it was bourbon.

Want some liquor-filled ones? Don’t know if I’ve seen bourbon but then I usually avoid those boxes…

To be fair, women earn about 23% less than men so they must be 23% lazier.

No reason it can’t be both!

Could you get that light out of my eyes?

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But the common denominator is you. You choose to associate with bozos.

Anecdote incoming:

I know one lady who would fit in with phreak9’s crew. Late 30’s, ostensibly stays at home to watch the kids, but the kids are in full time daycare and kindergarten. Hasn’t had a job since she moved to the area about a decade ago (which is pre-children).

I’m not sure her gender has anything to do with it, and I hate to stereotype, but I don’t know any guys in my circle that would be able to pull this off without being labelled a bum and pressured into getting a job or else providing full-time care for the children.

At first I chalked it up to this lady having a 20th century outlook on what a family looks like: Wife stays home, husband earns bread, etc. But the full time care for the kids kind of ruined that hope.

This also drives her very 20th century mother-in-law wild, which kind of confirms it’s a personal failing and not a difference in expectations.

She’s a family member and I certainly appreciate and respect her as a person through all of this.

Bourbon bonbons.

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I’m gonna paraphrase my late father (who, with my mother, successfully raised ten non-sociopaths), and what he said when one of his offspring came to him complaining that another offspring was “getting” more good stuff than he or she “deserved”:

phreak9 needs to worry about phreak9.

Shame they had eleven kids, though.


laissez les bons temps rouler

Which is the kind of thing parents tell their kids when they don’t have the time or energy to deal with the issue.

Life in general isn’t fair, but you can expect a certain amount of fairness from your own immediate family, ferchrissakes.