What is your favorite geek/nerd possession?

I have a sonic screwdriver.

It’s very sonic.

Sure, I have first printing first edition AD+D and the red box set of D+D but the one I prize the most is my PotC dice bag, black with metal studs and a huge Jolly Roger on the front.

Sure it was sold as a “pirates booty bag” with colored glass beads as “booty” inside at Disney, but that’s sort of like those “back massagers”: people in the know know what it really is.

Oh, and I also get a kick out of fielding a Warhammer 40K army using several heavy weapons miniatures from 1992 (i.e. at least two design changes ago.)

55th Anniversary statue (about 3 feet) of J. Thaddeus Toad aka Mr. Toad from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. One of the single greatest rides in Disney history that was destroyed because of it’s lack of marketability. Bastards.

I still have my “Star Wars” Soundtrack album… a 4 vinyl record set from 1978.

I don’t listen to it nowadays, but I used to quite a lot.

Does that count?

Hah! I got that around the same time, too. Mine wasn’t dusty, and it was an FYE (part of the Sam Goody franchise), but basically similar story. I couldn’t believe there was such a thing, and mostly bought it for the hell of it. I actually really like some of the music on there.

My geekiest thing? Tie between:

1.) My Laughing Man icon keychain. It’s from the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The first season’s on-going story arc involved an investigation into a government conspiracy that was almost exposed by a lone computer hacker who used that icon to cover his face in the digital broadcasts and cybernetic memories of the event. The character is an anti-social intellectual who spends most of his time reading hardcover books in a national library (which is seen as willful anacronysm in the story’s setting). His title and the quote are JD Salinger references.

2.) My Nintendo Power “Super Power Club” keychain with Mario hologram. I was a huuuuge Nintendo fanboy when I was a kid, and not only subscribed to their official magazine, but got all kinds of merch from it too. This will always be my favorite (even though the Mario hologram is beginning to deteriorate :frowning: )

3.) My new toys. I’ve taken to collecting small and reasonably priced models of certain sci-fi series. However, the following items are action figures, plain and simple, but I love them. They are the RX-78-2 Gundam (Super HCM-Pro 1/144th scale version) and the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Focker colors) (Revoltech series).

Music geekery:

A really old score of Berlioz’s Damnation of Faust. I believe it’s from 1880.

A program from Opera Theatre of St. Louis (a highly prestigious second tier company) with my name in it (I did a young person’s production with them right after college).

An end table given to me by an old college friend who is now enjoying a highly successful and critically acclaimed opera/classical career.

I’m guessing maybe I don’t belong in this thread, because I don’t get 99% of the references.

But in terms of geek possessions: my keyboard. Das Keyboard.

It rocks so much that when I recently moved to a new office (in another country) I prevailed on someone to carry it in their hand luggage to my new location.

And the sysadmin here thinks it rocks too. Vindication!

Is it the one with the UV ink that only shows up when you sonic it? This is my favourite geek item. I am sonic-ed up.

Beyond that, my other favourites would be my Doctor Who poster of the Ninth Doctor and Rose, my Dalek t-shirt and my “The Angels Have the Phonebox” t-shirt, my remote control Black Pearl, my Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas ornament which plays “A pirate’s life for me” and my keychains which are the key to Davy Jones’ chest, and the many little metal trinkets which hang from Jack Sparrow’s dreadlocks.

We have this one as well. We also have the Borg cube which says something like “We are the Borg. Happy holidays. Resistance is futile.”

Probably my signed Larry Elmore print of Eyes of Autumn, as pictured here: http://www.kloogewerkshop.com/items/art/elmore_larry-tyoa-162-eyes_of_autumn-d50.jpg

I’ve got Anduril & Sting. And the Serenity Christmas ornament.

But my favorite recent acquisition is Novice Haim.

I’ll have to go for the Dalek cufflinks I bought my fiance (now husband) to wear on our wedding day. :slight_smile:

Either my #1 issue of Nintendo Power or my Thundercats T-shirt.

writing it all down

Great, now I know who all to rob. I’m jealous of everyone.

I don’t know…I have a miniature lightsaber, but it’s not really much. I’d like to have a sword. Oh! I have a bokken (wooden Japanese-style sword). Does that count?

My TARDIS 4-Port USB hub. It makes TARDIS noises when you plug a USB device into it, and the extremely bright blue LED on top flashes.

Too late for editing: I have Glamdring–not Anduril. (Yes, details count!)

And I’ve found a Clockwork Droid at a very good price…

tightly clasps mouse as fist shakes


echoes three times

My cricket bat signed by Adrian Edmonson

It’s not geeky world-over but being into British TV in America is a pretty geeky thing.

I’ve got two copies of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye paperbacks from 1978, plus a complete set of original Brian Daily Han Solo Trilogy paperbacks. In the shape they’re in, they’re probably worthless, but they’re still worth something to me.

I have a letter opener shaped like Sting from LotR.

I also have a Starfox hat pin that I won for scoring above a certain amount in a competition sponsored by Wal-Mart.

What I really want is a Fire Flower air freshener like the guys in the Wii commercial have in their car. I’ve been unsuccessful at finding one thus far.

Probably either my Model United Nations gavels or my myriad collection of plastic dinosaurs that are strategically littered throughout my apartment.