What is your favorite outdoor temperature?

What is your favorite outdoor temperature?

Either 23[sup]o[/sup]C (73.4[sup]o[/sup]F) or -1[sup]o[/sup]C (30.2[sup]o[/sup]F)

83 degrees F. during the day, 68 degrees F at night

There is no reason for the temp to be higher than 70 degrees

27 degrees Celsius (about 80 F.) Nice and warm, but not too hot.


But where I live it almost always hot. I’ve lived in hot climates all my life. I just want it to be chilly. Often.

It’s late December and today it’s 74.

Of course these temperatures are pretty meaningless if you are ignoring humidity, so we’ll go with “perceived” temperature and I’ll say 75 F is ideal, which in Houston is usually probably more like 70 or 67 F

Probably around 0 C. Where I work I have to do a lot of running around outdoors, so it’s much better not to be too hot.

Sweater weather is my ideal. I marked 50-59 F, but I’ll wear sweaters sans a jacket anywhere from 20-70 F. Because my sweater-love is boundless. Sweaters sweaters sweaters.

Mid-50s for me. I’ve always been a fall person. Anything in the general 50-70 works, though. I suffer in warm weather. Once you start hitting the 80s, I get uncomfortable. I do better with the cold extreme.

I skewed this poll with my 100 degree vote.
I live in Las Vegas and just love it when it is nice and toasty! Laugh all you want, but it really is a dry (no humidity) heat and we also have a pool in the backyard. When it is that warm, you can go out at night and swim and dry off in seconds. OK, so it is nice to have air conditioning - but as long as you are not forced to tar roofs or dig ditches in the late afternoon*, this is the fun time of year here!
*Oddly, the hottest part of the day here is about 5:00 PM - not noon or 1:00 PM as it is in other geographic locations I have lived in.

I don’t think that’s terribly odd. In Chicago summers, I would guess the hottest part of the day is usually around 3 or 4 p.m.

Nothing higher than around 80 (I can work/exercise outside without getting all hot and sweaty, taking my shirt off), but it can also be as low as 40 degrees (no jacket needed, although in the winter I like it when it snows, so 32 or less if it is); I’d say around 60-65 for the ideal temperature.

Is there a reason the temperature ranges are broken up into irregular groups?

I have said this for years, “The temperature should never be lower than my age.” And the older I get, the more this holds true.

Mid to upper 60’s is perfect, thank you.

I’m a natural furnace. I sleep without blankets when the temperature is above mid 60’s and partly out of the blankets until it gets much colder.

I am most comfortable in an environment - indoor or out - between 80 and 85 degrees. I am O.K. between 75 and 80 in several long-sleeved layers, and below 75 I am perpetually freezing (my hands will feel like ice cubes). I have no known circulation or other issues, I am just too cold most of the time. I’m the only woman I know who is hoping that her internal thermometer goes up after menopause.

Right now the temperature in my apartment is 76 degrees. I am wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, with a cable knit sweater over it, and a heavy guage (outdoor-weight) chenille cardigan over that, and have my bedcovers (sheet, down blanket, down comforter, and quilt) pulled up, and I would say that my temperature is comfortable.

Humidity is such a huge factor, that I’d prefer around low 70s in Detroit, or high 80s in Pheonix.

High 20s (ºC) during the day and low 10s at night. North Western Australia in the dry season is ideal.

We have an Electronic Thermostat at work.

It was cold inside one day last month, thermostat said 75deg. I put on a jacket. It was the same temp outside, so we turned it off and opened the door.

Few weeks later it was hot inside, thermostat said 75deg. I was wiping sweat from my brow. It was cooler outside. So we turned it off and opened the door.

Last week thermostat said 80deg. and I was cold, so I put on a jacket. It was colder outside. We left it on.

Few days ago thermostat said 75deg and it was hot again and it was too cold outside. I had to take jacket on and off all day running in and out.

I picked 85-89 so it’s always swimming and bbq weather.