Your favorite outdoor temperature

For the purposes of this poll I’ll define “favorite” specifically to mean that your instant reaction/feeling when you go outside is something along the lines of “now THIS is what I call a fantastic and enjoyable day!” Otherwise you might vote based on your favorite sport or outdoor activity, and a snow skiier or surfer, say, would then reply completely differently than I am intending.

Me, I prefer mid 60’s to low 70’s.

The cutoffs are a bit funky because I took advantage of the 9:5 ratio between F & C. And early birds, it will take awhile to set up the poll, so a pox on anybody who posts before it is ready. :stuck_out_tongue:

50-59, especially when the Sun is shining and there’s a light breeze.

I said 59 to 68 but I don’t mind a little cooler to be honest. I love that crisp, early fall weather.

I went with 68 to 77F based on leisure activity. If I have to do work outside, I like it to be a little cooler.

I went 59 to 68.

I was running errands the other day when it was around 60. I stopped by work dressed in cutoff shorts and sandals. They accused me of coming straight off the volleyball court.

Hell, I was comfy!

I said 59-68, but it could have gone 50-68. I LOVE the fall! I would much rather be chilly than too hot… I can always put on a sweater or flannel shirt. Taking more off? Not so much.

I went with 32-41 because there is little I love more than a cold winter day. This is doubly true if it is snowing as well as cold.

77-86 is perfectly fine by me and makes me happy but I voted 68-77 since it is more ideal for activities.

FWIW, Egyptian airport workers were in heavy sweaters in 100F… because the temp dropped 20 from 120F from the day before… so it’s all relative.

I’m on record as preferring it ridiculously cold. My philosophy is that pretty much everything you ever do generates heat, whereas there are only a couple of massively inefficient ways to reduce ambient temperature. Starting from the low end of the spectrum opens up the whole range of possibilities for you.

Others have presented the hypothesis that I might just be crazy, but the unicorns assure me it’s not so.

I dislike being cold. I voted 77-86. My garden grows well at those temps and I am happy and comfortable… not to mention that riding on my scooter when it’s warm and sunny is such a joy. :slight_smile:

I voted 50 to 59, while I certainly enjoy it even colder, but around that temperature, I can have a heavy sweater or hoodie on, which allows for more freedom of movement than bundled with coat, scarf and gloves. I love weather that allows for a long duster sweater and fingerless gloves.

77-86F. I was the only one not whining about not having fans or a/c when hurricane Irene knocked the power out. In an ideal world, it would never get colder than 40F.

86 to 95 F/30 to 35 C

I love hot weather.

I like it hot. Honestly, around 90 is my perfect temperature.

I don’t mind cold, but my favourite outside temperature is pretty much room temperature (68 to 77 F/20 to 25 C). Much hotter than 25ºC and I’m hot and uncomfortable and prone to headaches.

It depends on the humidity. I hate cold weather, but a high temperature can feel unbearable if the humidity is also high. Assuming low humidity, my ideal range would be 86 to 95. With high humidity, 77 to 86.

Really depends on what kind of outdoor thing I’m doing. 58-68 degrees is perfect for hanging out in Death Valley. 68-77 degrees is nice when I’m taking a joyride in the mountains. At the beach, 77 to 86 is a good range.

50 to 59 degrees. Since I spend most of my time outdoors walking briskly, riding my bike, or doing yardwork - anything hotter and I get too damn sweaty.

Around sixty is best, on an overcast but not rainy day. It’s the best time to spend a day at the zoo. It’s not too cold for them to be indoors, and not too hot to be uncomfortable. They’re usually really frisky and playful, especially when it’s early spring.

Woo hoo! My team is winning!