What is your favorite state in the lower 48 that you have never been to?

Pick a state that you have never visited and yet feel some strange attraction towards. It doesn’t matter why but you must give a good reason. You can never have visited there or even driven through the state although brief airport stopovers are OK. Alaska and Hawaii are out to give some of the more obscure states a fighting chance.

I have been to 35 states so this is a little tough for me. I had to go with Montana. It has gorgeous scenery, a low population, as well as Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. I think I will make it a point to visit there ASAP.

What is your pick?

I’m going to have to say New York, but mainly because I think I’d really love NYC. I’ve never been there, but the whole Bright Lights, Big City thing is very appealing to me, even if it does (reportedly) smell like pee.

I have no idea why I’ve never gone to Boston, Massachussetts. I’ve always wanted to. I enjoy history and I like visiting cities that are compact.

I looked into going there for a weekend and I think I was discouraged by the high air costs. Plus, there was direct service from Columbus and I didn’t want to mess with connections for a 3 day trip. Flying into Providence would defeat the purpose of not having to rent a car.

I’ve done very little traveling out west, and I’d also have to pick Montana as my favorite state that I never been to. In addition to the national parks, I really just want to see the vast, open sky, especially at night with all the stars. I also have family that just moved out there to a ranch so hopefully I’ll get out there sometime next year.

By default, I have to go with Minnesota (although I once had a brief airport stopover there). Its lakes and forests would make me take it over North Dakota, the only other state I haven’t been to.

North Dakota is the only state of the lower 48 I’ve never been in. Now I have to think of a reason to be strangely attracted to a state? Sorry, I’ve got enough restraining orders already.

“The Simpsons are going to North Dakota!”

I’ll say Maine. All the pictures I’ve seen are pretty and it looks like a cool place to visit. Lots of little islands and stuff. I would guess good seafood along the coast.


Seems like a fun place - wine, the beach, SoCal, northern california, Yosemite… so much to do and see.

Michigan. Never been (but have flown over). I think I like it so much because my parents lived there before I was born and loved it.

I’ve been to all of them, but I’d happily go back to Wyoming and visit my sister.

Nevada. I’d like to see Las Vegas and Hoover Dam.

I’ve never been to Arizona. I want to go there sometime during my lifetime and see the Grand Canyon.

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Louisiana! Warm weather, beautiful bayous and swamps, down-home cajun food, friendly Southern hospitality, rich and colorful history, not to mention New Orleans. Also, my cousin (who is also a good friend) goes to school right in the Big Easy, so I’d have an excuse to visit.

Screw Montana’s scenery, the sparsely populated, quaint towns and the spruce trees.

The more important question you have to ask yourself is: Do you know anywhere else in the lower 48 where Interstate Speed Limits don’t exist?

Colorado, it just seems so beautiful. My cousin lives in Aspen and she has sent the most beautiful pictures.

I may get to go there next August/September, my cousin’s wedding. I’m very excited.

Either Colorado or Utah for me for the natural beauty.

I’ve been all around them, Cali, Oregon, Nev, Ida, Wyo, SDak, Wash, etc. but never seen the canyons and mountains of these two states.

Also, while I’ve been to LA (meh), I’ve never been to San Fran and would like to go some day.

Thanks for the vote. I am from Louisiana and it is generally acknowledged to be a pretty good time for visitors (New Orleans especially). My wife and I went to college at Tulane. Is that where your cousin goes by chance?

Been to all 50, so this doesn’t strictly fit the OP’s criteria, but I’d love to go back to Texas. All I saw there was the Alamo and Space Center Houston, and I don’t feel like I satisfactorily saw the state at all.

New Mexico. I want to see Sante Fe, Taos, the natural beauty and history.