What is Your Favorite Type of Cake?

I’m not entirely sure myself, but I am currently enjoying a delicious carrot cake. What about you?

(Open to dessert or savory cakes)

Carrot cake or spice cake. The main cake I don’t care for is your common chocolate cake.

What about molten chocolate cakes?

There is such a thing as a good chocolate cake. I used to work fancy weddings so I got to try hundreds of very expensive cakes. However, good chocolate cakes take skill and expense and aren’t something someone can just whip up out of a premix. Regular chocolate cakes don’t taste well defined enough to me and always taste a hint of stale. I always have carrot cake as my birthday cake.

Cassatta Cake. The kind made in Cleveland or Pittsburgh. It’s about 5,000 calories a slice, but it’s awesome (think triple-decker yellow cake with custard and strawberry slices as the filling, iced with whipped cream. OMFG).

German chocolate cake is good too, but only if it is homemade.

New York style cheese cake. If that counts as cake.

A good carrot cake is hard to beat. That said, I’d have a hard time deciding between that and a really good white cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Or a good coconut cake. Or any really nice cake with buttercream frosting. Yumm… buttercream…

I also dislike most chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting. They just do nothing for me.

My God that sounds good. Almost worth going to Cleveland or Pittsburgh to get.

A simple sponge with whipped cream, strawberry jam and icing sugar. Yummo.

Chocolate cake with strawberry filling in the middle and whipped cream frosting.

I ask for this cake every year for my birthday and I never get it.

Strawberry cake, right from the oven with chocolate frosting. It’s sinful, it’s boxed and quick, but damn it’s good.

Hmmmm, there’s yellow cake with chocolate icing, and yellow/white cake with buttercream, and then there’s a Swiss Black Forest cake that’s made by the Swiss Pastry Shop here in town. It’s not really a cake, it has meringue with almond paste "layers’, it’s frosted with whipped cream, and then it has dark chocolate shavings embedded in the whipped cream. It’s wonderful.

Pineapple upside-down for me, please.
And a tall glass of milk.

Definitely the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. There’s really no competition.

Tres Leches . My favorite.

In both a very good and a very bad way, the bakery in the store across the street from my house makes an absolutely fabulous one.

Pumpkin cake, this week. Had a really good one a friend made…

Ooooh. Gotta find more Pumpkin cake…

The Cakes from the upscale bakeries leave all normal cakes in the dust. My favorite normal cake is lemon with butter cream frosting and coconut. The next one is lemon sponge cake. I think the pumpkin sponge cake I came up with two weeks ago is really good. Pumpkin Sponge Cake

You don’t have to. Here’s a recipe. It takes me two days to make and I gain 5 lbs. afterwards, but it is so good! You can cheat and use a box mix to make the cake and save time but, heck, why not go all out? I don’t bother with the whole strawberries on the top or the rosettes, though, that’s just for show.


Corbo’s in Cleveland’s Little Italy makes this, and sells it in single slices too (my butt thanks them, :p).

Amen, sistah friend! I asked my girlfriend to make me one for my birthday in a few weeks. Wheeeeeeeeee! :slight_smile:

Oh, yes. Sing it, sister.

I’m not really a cake person, but tres leches is muy delicioso.