What Is Your Number Name?

Currently running on the comic strip Peanuts, Charles Schulz has introduced a character named “5”

So my question to you all, is if you had to pick a number (or group of numbers) to replace your name, what woud they be?
[Note: please make sure you’re not using any password of yours in your answer. This forum does get indexed and you never know :)]
I would pick “8” as my first name and “748” as my last name

7 05 9 would be my full name.

Attacklad was in school with a kid named “Seven”. They let him have the numeral “7” in gym.

54-46 was my number.

I would be π, but you can call me 3.14 for short.

Either that or i.

Anyway, not to hijack the thread, but besides the Peanuts thing, what fictional characters have numbers as names? House has Thirteen, there is Seven of Nine… any others?

The kid (who was later revealed to have been the result of a dream due to Katy Sagal’s miscarriage) from Married with Children was named Seven.

Blossom had her friend Six.

I would never be the cannibalistic number 7 because, don’t you know:

7 8 9

six to the power of six to the power of six

2 51 50

You can call me “Deuce.”

  1. My nickname would be “The Answer.”
  1. I am only 50% of a beast.

Chad Ochocinco made this fashionable a few years ago. But only for himself.

In a similar vein, “TAFKAP” was pretty much a failure.


If I fail to report, 008 replaces me.

Currently? That strip’s got to be thirty years old, at least. Heaven help me, I think I even remember his full name, 555 95472.

I’ll have to give some thought to my number. Don’t want to slip up and accidentally give out my PIN.

667, I’m the neighbor of the beast :cool:


Anyone who knows my real name should be able to figure it out pretty easily (And no, I don’t use that as a PIN anywhere for anything. I wanted it to be my phone number, but the phone company wouldn’t give it to me.).


Hello, my name’s 12. Nice to meet you. If you ever need any bread, cakes or pastries just let me know because my neighbor is a baker.

8 23