What Is Your Number Name?

can those of you who have a number picked out tell us your reasoning for picking the number?

Fictional character… On Seinfeld, George told Susan he wanted to name his first born “seven” after Mickey Mantle. Susan said no, but told a pregnant friend who “stole” the name Seven from George.

7 05 9 = Seven of Nine - Character from Star Trek.

8 is my favorite number and 23 is the number that supposedly appears everywhere, right?

There’s a type of cursive where capital Ts look like 7s, so I for a while used 7 as my initial.

  1. That was the engine cubic inches of the first hot car that I had.

I already go by √π, so that’s pretty open and shut. If we need a decimal representation we can always go with:


which should be enough to distinguish me from everyone else.

Do you have a nick number?

I don’t have a preference but I think if I was given one it would be Zero.


No particular reason except that is the number I answer whenever someone at work comes up to me and starts off with “I have a question…”
And I always say, “…and the answer is 14.”

1313 4 49 would be my name. There’s no deeply mathematical reason, other then that my middle and last names are variations of 13. (4=1+3, 4+9=13)

The copyright date on the strips in 1963, so they’re actually forty-seven years old.

5’s surname is the ZIP code for Sebastopol, California, which was where Schulz was living at the time he created the character.

  1. It’s a lucky number in Judaism and I wouldn’t mind a bit of luck.

11ty 100. My favourite number.

Using Sparky’s method, I’d be 10 60913.

Was going to pipe up incredulous that the OP was referring to "5"s appearance inferring that it’s a recent strip and recent character, but I was beaten to that, so I’ll pipe up and say that “5” has always been my favourite Peanuts character, by a country mile.

There’s some actual sound reasoning for 5’s ZIP code being his last name, as several last names (including my own) are based on where they live. So my last name Kendall came about because “John from Kendall [town in northern England]” became “John Kendall” lo those many centuries ago when last names were becoming in vogue. So, it stands to reason that 555 from ZIP code 95472 (according to the character, the accent is on the 4, btw, if you were wondering) would become 555 95472. (5, btw, has twin sisters 3 and 4, leading Charlie Brown to deliver one of the greatest lines in the strip, and completely deadpan, “nice feminine names”)

As for my own number, I’m not sure. My favourite number as a kid was 0 but (no offense meant to all those Dopers who already claimed that number) it seems to pessimistic a choice now. I know, I think my number will be 72/0, that speaks to who I am, who I was, where I come from, and my personality in so many ways. (I also think that some of the most popular “names”, were everyone to do this - at least in the 20 something male set, would be 69 and 420.)

Surprised no one here grabbed 666 yet. (I was half tempted to myself just to freak out the fundies).

I’d be 11. That’s always been a number that’s surrounded my life in various ways, so if I were to take one as a name, that would have to be the one.

Mine would be 44 44. It’s not a good thing in some Asian countries.


I am not a number. I am a free (wo)man!