What Is Your Number Name?

I am the new Number Two. You are Number Six.

Oh good grief :slight_smile:

Newspapers are currently running it regardless of when it originally ran :slight_smile:

25 or 624. you pick.

867 5309

just cause a lot of folks would already know my number

[annoyingly pedantic] Actually, 668 would be his neighbor. 667 lives across the street.[/ap]

My number would be one.

–Prime number
–There can be only one (ala Highlander)
–I’m an only child

Just call me good old 257/145. (Good to four decimal places.) [Then there’s 8,545/4,821, which is good to seven, but I think that might be too unwieldy.]

6 5. That way when I introduce myself, I also tell them my height, 'cause they’ll probably ask anyway.

I would adopt 197 as my international travel pseudonym for the same reason.

Hi, my name is 21.

If I was more into cribbage than blackjack, I’d be 29.

Dammit, I waited a day to post, and someone took my number.
I’m Eighteen


Hmm. If someone said 13 already, I missed it.

It was the jersy number I had for a park basketball team that I remember fondly.

I usually go with “Eleven”, but I guess you’ll be right about as often.

We can hang out together, I’m 54-46

11 cause I’m one louder

[spinal tap reference]

Do you know what you want?
I don’t think there’s a problem with someone taking your number. After all, in real life, I wasn’t the first person to be called “David”, I’m not the last, and I’m not the only one around with that name either. So why can’t more than one person be 18? Or 72/0? Or √π?

I instinctively dislike meeting people with my name. It’s only happened maybe once or twice, but still. So it makes sense I’d be the same way with my number.

I don’t understand the question.

My number would be the Boltzmann constant multiplied by the fine structure constant, multiplied by the universal gas constant, multiplied by Euler’s number, multiplied by Avogadro’s number.

Yeah, I’m cool.

I had a cat named 14. So it has been done.


Mine would be 13. I’m not goth or particularly pessimistic. It’s the one I’d pick