What is your opinion of Gary Brecher, the War Nerd?

The War Nerd is an online column (usually twice a month) by Gary Brecher, amatuer military historian and armchair pundit. I find his articles not only amusing but instructive. But the couple of times I’ve mentioned him here, people have not rated him very highly. If you think he’s full of it, could you explain why?

A quick read gives me the impression he is analyzing the war like a sportswriter, play-by-play, and doesn’t give much of a shit how many civilians we massacre as long as we execute the playbook with style.

He’s got a few decent points here and there, but his online persona is an odious little troll. Also, he’s got a rather myopic view of geopolitics and military strategy, focusing on his personal aesthetics, which are often in conflict with sound action.

So, to quote what was once said about Slashdot, he’s like a steer’s horns: a point here, a point there, and lots of bull inbetween.