What is your Perfect Night Out?

I have simple tastes, I suppose (sigh), but a Perfect Night, for me, is wake up from my disco nap, have a fresh cup of coffee, listen to some music while surfing the SDMB/e-mail, take a shower, put on something comfy-but-smart/sexy, cab it to the city, a beer or two at my favorite watering hole, on to a show/film for entertainment, a nightcap, and finally, either a bite to eat or some nookie, whichever comes first (followed by the other)… :smiley:

Huh. My Perfect Night would be eat dinner while relaxing with girlfriends, get dressed up together in reasonably skanky gear, drive down to our favourite club to dance for hours to EBM, industrial and dark techno.

If it’s a perfect night out Scary Girl (stands in the middle of the dance floor stomping and shouting “Sex! Sex! Sex!” and wears the stupidest things while trying to accost every man nearby) wouldn’t be there, and the DJ would play really good stuff, like VNV Nation and Revolver 1010, without a lot of those silly shouting German bands. Then we’d adjourn for pizza, and finally go home at about 3:00.

I don’t usually drink when I dance. I get dehydrated enough as it is.

Catching a good flick and then stopping at CiCi’s on the way home for all you can eat pizza. I’m a simple man with simple tastes.

Beer, curry, sex, not in any particular order

Waking up to some slow drawn out lovemaking. Relaxing all day watching movies, reading, talking whatever I (and whatever girl I’m lucky to be with) wants to do.

Then going out for a nice dinner coming home and then some totally out of control thow you to the floor sex. Then going to sleep in each others arms.

Outdoor cafe on a warm spring evening, ideally on a plaza that offers good people-watching opportunities. Five or six friends. Wine. Good conversation. A bit of silence. More wine. More conversation. Little plates of olives (did I mention that this cafe happens to be in Spain? Well, you did say perfect.) More wine. Increasingly long and silly toasts to whomever and whatever comes to mind. Getting kicked out by the proprietors at three in the morning. Staggering down windy little medieval alleys and stopping for squid sandwiches and coffee on the way home. Sigh…

Oh yeah, and what spogga said doesn’t sound half-bad either.

I’m even more simple-minded than all of you.

A perfect night out is when I find myself in a bar in whatever city in the world, surrounded by friends, enjoying good beers and conversations that make less sense as the evening progresses, and good music (that is, with guitars and stuff) is played.

Upon return home, sex is always desirable, yes. But it doesn’t a perfect night out make - per se.

Drinks and conversation with a group of friends followed by more of the same, with food (a curry is always good). Retire to someone’s house, more drinking and conversation and maybe some music or a film on in the background as the conversation gets silly. Then home. Sex good, but not required.

Nice quiet dinner with that special someone. Drinks, good food, laughs and a nice walk down the boardwalk. The smell of ocean and the sound of seagulls…

Nap in the afternoon. Long shower with the bathroom door open and the music pumping. Possibly a little jiggling and ass-shaking under the hot water. Bad singing.

Get dressed – nice jeans, tight shirt, comfy shoes – and head out. A light meal and a few pints with mates at a pub – somewhere comfortable but classy enough.

Onto the clubs after midnight. Somewhere crowded, but not too smoky or “commercial”. More of the aforementioned jiggling and ass-shaking, but with company this time.

Sex at home afterwards is great, but cuddling is almost as good (also less messy and strenous.)

My perfect night out would actually be a night in, with my husband, no interruptions, no chores, no responsibilities. Kinda like what I’ve got coming up this weekend. Yay!

I think that I’ll let Denis Salnikov do all the talking:


A legendary dinner at an elegant restaurant on a slow night (for excellent service.) The waiter stumbles, spilling wine on my shirt, which I was going to throw out after one more wearing. The maitre’d apologizes profusely, and he comps us the whole dinner!

Perfect night for me would be cuddling in front of the TV with my boyfriend, watching Mel Brooks movies and sharing some ice cream.
I need a life, don’t I? :smiley:

LadySybil, if you need a life, so do I. My perfect night would be babies quiet and asleep, some good take out Thai and some cuddling with the mister.

I think I’m officially old.

Cuddling in front of the TV with my girlfriend, watching Mel Brooks movies, sharing icecream, and having mind-blowing sex.

A quiet night with some Mexican on the couch watching a movie.

Hola, Senorita.

Chinese takeout picnic in the park, then explore the park hand in hand and play on the swings. Walk to a nearby coffee shop for some good cappucino and get good and wired, then off to a local bar with a good band that plays a little bit of everything. Slow dances, dirty dancing, drinking, darts, pool, lots of laughs. Close out the bar, make out in the parking lot afterwards until everyone has left. Drive home naked, streak into the house, a little leftover pizza to eat, then dive into the bedroom, living room, or hood of the car for some raucous sex until the break of dawn. Fall deep asleep in each other’s arms until noon or later. Wake up with morning wood and a morning blowjob to greet it.

Rinse and repeat.

Perfect night out would start with a good hour-long run. This serves two purposes: (1) if I’ve been at work, it’s a really good separation from work & play - gets all the stress out so I can enjoy myself and my body feels like it’s humming after a long run; and (2) perfect night out involves food, and I don’t usually get hungry without exercise.

After the run, a long shower. Then, lots and lots of sex, then my fiance & I would go to a nice restaurant with lots of good, spicy food and great red wine. Then we’d listen to live music in the park or at our favorite wine bar, maybe do a few slow dances. Both the wine bar and the park are within walking distance of our condo. We’d walk home slowly, sit and talk to each other, then watch a movie, perhaps more nookie, maybe have a nightcap and zonk out.