What's your SO's idea of a perfect night?

Just before my SO passed-out on the couch tonight, he informed me that the love-making session, the big, fat steak dinner, the glass of merlot and cuddling up with his dog was HIS version of the most perfect night ever! I suppose it could have been made better with his footy team being on the telly, but the AFL season finished last week. :smiley:

What’s your significant other’s idea of THE perfect night?

‘im indoors would probably be perfectly happy with a bottle of wine (or two) and World of Soddin’ Warcraft…and me out of the house.

Two bottles of wine; one and a half for her, a half for me and when the wine is gone, either going dancing somewhere or jumping into the swimming pool clothed or naked or somewhere in between without regard to water temperature, staggering home and falling into bed in whatever state of dress she departed the pool and passing out for hours and hours. She has a drinking problem and will not admit it.

The other evening we met at the train station, shopped for food, walked home and the cooked together. We started to watch a DVD but the love scene inspired us to do our own. As we fell asleep, my wife said it was a perfect night.

Awfully nice of you to try and make us singles feel better about it.

Beer, steak and sex… He’s easy to please!

Hot home cooked dinner, movie, phone ringer turned off… nuff said.

It was the least I could do; I’m glad you liked it.

Hey, give me back my husband!

Except you forgot the long hot bath somewhere in between the steak and sex. This perfect evening would cap off his perfect day of 36 holes.

36 holes of golf, pervs.

Alistair McCello’s perfect night most likely involves cuddling on the couch and consuming a moderate amount of pizza and vodka, while watching The Lion in Winter. After this, he would probably turn to me and quote the movie by saying, with a mischievous grin: “Sooo, want to ‘shatter the commandments’? Hmm?”

I haven’t asked but if I were to guess, it would involve some bud, a philly steak from Gyro Bob’s and lots and lots of sex. With me.

Well let’s see, if last night is any kind of gauge she seems to really enjoy screaming at our oldest daughter until she brings her to trembling tears, threatening to kill her cat (throwing it down the basement stairs no less), and vowing that Christmas is canceled this year.

Yeah, envy me

I don’t know.
Probably MilliCal bundled off somewhere safe for the night, a good and unusual meal cooked by someone else, a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio, watching “What Not to Wear” for an hour or two while I pumiced her callouses and massaged her feet, then rubbed her back, then long and relaxed sex in a room without clocks or cats, followed by a shower. And more “What Not to Wear”, or possibly “Antiques Roadshow” or “Doctor Who”. And chocolate.

I can only take so much “What Not to Wear”. But I’ll rub her back for hours if she’ll undress for it. The view is worth the effort.

A night where I come home from work, put on a load of laundry, and actually listen to her as I make us dinner (probably crabcakes and some kind of veggie) She picks out and puts on a video as we finish dinner and continue talking. **Babygirl **then runs the water in our huge bathtub. I get in with her and don’t complain about the water being too hot. I soap her up and rinse her off. I give her a back rub until she falls asleep.

Then I get up and drink a lot of beer as I surf the Dope. :smiley:

SSG Schwartz

Yabbut … didn’t you read the bit about him finishing the night by cuddling up with the dog?

Talk about the ultimate rejection!

Hubby likes New Year’s Eve best. Looks forward to it for a month, and ignores Christmas completely.
Loves to dress up, to drink bubbly, to sing and dance and flirt and smooch with strangers and come home raring for holiday sex.

Hiding from me, apparently. :frowning:

We have numerous variations on a “perfect night”. Recently we had one that started early in the day, by checking into the Foxburg Inn. It is only about an hour drive from our homes. We took our kayaks. After checking in, we kayaked the Allegheny River from Emlenton, down to Parker Pennsylvania, passing the Inn and waving to the couples on the cantilevered deck as we went by.

Returning from the river, we freshened up, and headed over to the bar next door. The folks at the bar/restaurant know us, and reserved a serving of musssels, since they often run out. When our dinner reservations are ready, we eat, then it’s back to the bar.

Eventually we stumble back to the room, shower (saving water by doing a single shower…gotta think of the environment), then head for bed, and it is time for y’all to leave. :wink:

checks location

Is that you, honey? :slight_smile:

Her perfect night? The kids aren’t crabbing at us or each other, the meal is already made, the house is clean, laundry is put away and I rub her feet till she falls asleep. It never happens (except for me rubbing her feet till she falls asleep).