Your SO is asleep... now what?

What do you do when your SO (significant other) is asleep in bed and waiting for you and you just aren’t tired?
…I’m posting on the dope! :dubious:

Normal situation here. I keep much different hours from the wife. But then, we’re an old married couple.

If your partner is asleep in bed, how can they be waiting for you? They’re asleep!

I guess this is just another of those things that tells me I’m better off single because I don’t care when anyone goes to bed except me.

Watch ESPN w/o interuptions.

Since I use a CPAP, need a nightlight, and prefer to have the radio going…my husband sleeps in another room, usually with his cat (my cats prefer to sleep with me). He doesn’t like light or music or noise when he sleeps. And ever since he made that remark about how sleeping with me with my CPAP mask on is like sleeping with Darth Vader, he’s pretty much HAD to sleep in another room.

We’ve been married for 31 years. And we do keep very different hours.

Oh, and his cat is definitely HIS cat. They picked each other out at the Humane Society, and they are very closely bonded.

This is usually when I catch up on recorded shows, watch TDS or Colbert, or maybe play WoW. Sometimes I walk down to my local and have a pint of beer.

I work until midnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the boyfriend waits for me to get home but I don’t go to bed until after 2 am these nights. So he is in bed now and I am posting on the Dope and deleting spammers and banning IP’s on the message board I admin. The deleting and banning is like pissing on a forest fire but it’s still satisfying to delete the suckers. Thanks to other spam prevention methods they never manage to post but I don’t like them clogging up my member list.

Read, watch TV, play computer games.

What usually happens is that we go to bed together, either have sex or not, but at least cuddle for a while until he falls asleep. I might also fall asleep, but if not I’ll get up and do some work on the computer til I’m sleepy.

There’s a song about this… from Tripod.

terrible video quality, but the sound is good… SFW if you can watch videos at work.

We also keep very different hours. I get home from work about 11:00 - 11:30. He goes to sleep shortly afterwards but I like to wind down from my shift. So I read, check my email, faff about on the computer for a while, watch a bit of TV. Nothing out of the ordinary but it’s bliss being the only person awake in the house.

Yeah, that’s a step for us to, there is the “are we poking or not?” phase and then the cuddle phase and then the go do something else phase.

ETA these SOPs do not apply if I have a new computer game, then it is “love you, see you tomorrow.” This happens about twice a year.

Your C-PAP is noisy? Hubby and I both use it. Neither machine makes a bit of noise. Our ceiling fan make more noise.

I worked 12 hour night shift for most of my 40+ years, so, I’m often up much later. He likes it if I go in with him, but I often get up around 2 or 3AM.

I’m the sleeping SO. My wife stays up and watches craptacular network TV dramas.

I get up early, though, and just make coffee, read the news/email etc. Our cat chooses this time to be friendly with me, since I’m the first human up.

I used to catch man films or excellent war documentaries when my now ex popped off to bed.

Discovery Channel, NatGeo or something that’s either a prison show or a ‘blowing crap up’ show.

This is us – we call this ‘tucking him in.’

Then often I’ll get back up and read, take a bath, watch TV, or play on the computer a bit. Sometimes I like to stay up late and have the house to myself. Occasionally he’ll wake up in the middle of the night to pee and notice I’m not in bed yet and will come looking for me.

Before any children:
-Probably playing WoW or doing something on the computer

Between kids:
-If I happened to go to bed before him, I’d ask him to come to bed with me. Sometimes he’ll stay for 20-30 mins and if he can’t sleep he’ll go watch TV, surf the net or fall asleep on the couch.

Now - and during that ‘new baby’ stage: (have a ~3wk old)
If the baby is asleep, I’m going to try and crash in our bed rather than the guest bed in the baby’s room. I’ll let him know I’m headed to bed, or he can infer that I’m going to bed if I’m getting ready for bed. Otherwise, I’m just crashing in bed with or without him because I’m tired and I love our tempur-pedic bed! As long as we’re getting sleep somewhere it’s all good.

Take her picture with my balls on her forehead.

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