What is your waist size? Don't be shy.

Personally, I have a 38 waist. That is what I get when I buy a suit, that is what I feel most comfortable in…Do I wish I had a 32? Naaa…I am what I am. Granted I could stand to lose a couple pounds but hey! This is about as mundane and pointless I can muster today…
So what say you? How many inches round the narrowed part of your body between the thorax and hips?

I have a 28’ waist, but I buy 32’ pants because I like the way they fit better. But I do make sure I always have a belt. Sagging pants annoy me and make it difficult to watch.

I usually buy 33 now though it varies between 32 & 33. I like it a little loose.



36" for a nice comfortable fit.


42" is my size of choice, but I have to have a belt or else I do crack like a plumber in need of rehab.

  1. Inseam is 29. Wish me luck.

32" with a 34" inseam.

When I was overmedicated, it was 30" and pants where hard to find.

32" waist, 32" inseam

Easy to remember

About one and a half small DHL express packs. Sorry, no measuring tape around here.

Used to be 40, now it’s 38! I can fit back into my old pants.

I will be a 36 in a month or two. I should be a 34 or so when all is said and done.

32 inseam

30-31" W / 32" L

Oh yeah, 32 inseam, 30s make my socks show when I sit down.

I’m on the same train man. I feel great at 210. This 250 Bullsh*t is not cutting it anymore.

31". I usually have to go with 32" pants and cinch 'em.

What a square.