What Katy did

Last weekend I noted my neighbor Katy’s ability to handle a situation. That all worked out fine and dandy, and it was sort of fun to hang out in an environment that I remember, but hardly frequent anymore.

So last night (Friday), things start crankin’ again downstairs. No problem; I’ve got a raging sinus infection and drugs from my doctor - I’m just going to hibernate and let the kids do what they want. I do notice once again that they’re playing the same music I heard when I was in college (Carly Simon is popular now?).

About 9:00 I decide I’ll run up to the corner gas station and cop a couple of Foster’s to slug down as my night time cold medicine, and while there, I remember that my unanticipated participation in last week’s revelry undoubtedly shrank someone’s beer stash. So I play the beer fairy and leave a six of Bud Light at her doorway on my return. Nobody’s around, but I figure the traffic is high enough that the six-pack will be escorted to its mission zone soon enough.

Around 10:00, as I’m thinking about nosing over into the pillows, suddenly, there’s a **Bam!***Bam!***Bam!***Bam!**Bam! at my gate. I go out and discover that it’s Katy.

She wants me to come downstairs and join 'em. I protest that I’m really rather sick and offer up that, since it’s a weekend, it’s fine with me if they blow it out until some other neighbor calls the heat.

She won’t take “No” for an answer (remember that I’ve predicted that Katy will do well in life), so I tell her I’ll get my keys and come down for one beer. She waits for me at the gate and escorts me in.

Once again, everyone is friendly to a degree that almost alarms me. When did I become so popular? By now these are second or third meetings with some, so I’ve now acquired a whole bunch of new friends who are about 30 years younger than me.

Multiple discussions ensue, and it becomes apparent that, as the only representative of the Atheist Right in attendance, I’m easily the most conservative there.

Discussions remain friendly (this is a Catholic university that they all attend) and we move on.

I danced with every woman who danced. The songs remained the same.

I’m a little confused about why this group of people is so actively engaging me. Something just doesn’t add up with a group of obviously intelligent 18 and 19 year olds wanting to buddy up with a 49 year old.

It is fun, though.

Surf’s up!

Maybe Katy has a thing for ya.


Maybe you’re the “cool older dude” who likes to party? It does reflect rather well on all of you that you can put age difference aside and enjoy each other’s company, IMO.

The hub and myself have friends in their 20’s. It’s just nice to hang out with them once in a while, get their take on the world, etc. They call us and invite us out too, so they must be getting something out of it also. Maybe it’s as simple as validation that they must be okay, the old farts like 'em.

I say, power to y’all.

<wistful Canadian hijack>

Man, I’d love to be be able to buy beer at the gas station or corner store. Seems like a most civilized option.

</wistful Canadian hijack>

Well, at least they aren’t saying, “Oh, crap. It’s old man Ringo. Turn the music down and hide the booze.”, everytime you’re around. Live it up. Some people only get to be college aged once in life. Seem to be getting a second chance.

I’d buddy up to a homeless man with a raging hard-on if he bought my friends and i beer.

You ARE buying them beer right? If not, please do so.

Why wouldn’t they want to hang out with you just bcause you’re older than them? Seriously - I thought you were pretty cool at the NYC Fest & I’m not all that much older than Katy (barely 24). And maybe she (or another female party-frequenter) has the hots for you, as Happy astutely pointed out.

So, Ringo, how you doin’? :wink:

Hey there, Cosmo. I think IRL there’s a huge difference between 19 and 24. By the time you’re 24 you’ve already had to make several big decisions that you’re only vaguely aware are out there at 19.

Generally speaking, of course.

I (Sir Bottom Line Pessimist) don’t think I’ve got a secret admirer in the crew - were that the case, I think I’d know who it was by now. But it is puzzling. Perhaps they just percieve me as a dorm mate who’s old enough to buy beer.

Hey Triss, thanks for your observations.