What keeps you up at night?

If anything

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  • My cat snoring. It sounds very similar to a human’s snore
  • A room that’s too hot and stuffy
  • When I have a lot on my mind and can’t seem to “shut it off!”
  • My husband - when he nudges me because I’m snoring and keeping him up

The Holocaust. The Rape of Nanking. ‘‘Witches’’ being burned at the stake. Sexual and physical torture.

It’s a blast inside my head, really.


I think about my parents, who are both elderly, and wonder how much longer I’ll have them around. I think about about what the death of one of them will do to the other. I think about what their deaths will do to my already tenuous family connections.

I think about things I wanted to do in my life and how I failed to do them. I think about things I still hope to do in my life and wonder if I will fail to do them as well.

I think about my current health problems and reflect that my health is likely to get worse rather than better. I think about my future and wonder what will happen to me when I’m too old to take care of myself. I wonder if I’ll be one of those people whose dead body lies around the house for months because nobody notices I’m gone.

I wonder if the OP regrets asking what keeps me up at night.

I’m a light sleeper, so …

Everyone, say it with me!





Seriously though, heartburn is what usually keeps me awake and miserable.

Missing my mom and dwelling on how unfair it is that she died so much younger than average, and honestly, how much that changed everything for me in entirely negative ways

Worrying that my dad will either die too soon or worse, not die for a really long time and outlive my ability to look after him

And, of course worrying about which idiot we elect and wondering if they’ll get us involved in WWIII

In the past couple of years, jet-lag. Round the world trips west-bound are real killers, it takes me weeks to get over it.

Several years ago, I would have an occasional phase of sleep disturbance, in which, just out of the blue, I would have the symptoms of jet lag without even going around the block, and I couldn’t sleep at night, nor stay awake in the daytime. Being retired, that’s not critical, but it was annoying as hell. The only upside was that I would have lucid dreams during my daytime sleeping, which are awesme.

Other than the above disruptions, I fall asleep within a minute of turning off my reading light and having a couple of good yawns. Fairly often I wake at about 3, but go right back to sleep.

My son- he keeps me awake both literally and figuratively.

He has heavy duty ADHD, and sometimes has big spurts of energy right when I’m ready to sleep. She he goes to sleep early, I may stay up worrying about his future.

Nothing. I usually fall asleep within a couple of minutes after going to bed

A small baby. She’s as cute as can be, but I’m pretty sure not allowing me to sleep more than two hours at a time is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

My inability to sleep.

Gunshots if they are close enough (I live in a very tough neighborhood) and not followed by some form of siren. Sometimes anticipation of a trip I’m looking forward to does it as well.

Recently, it has been one of two things. The MLB playoffs are seriously cutting into my sleepytime. Also, one of my doggies is apparently getting some dry skin going on, because she has been scratching herself a bit. Since she sleeps on the bed (at my feet) she shakes the entire bed.

Being on call. I lose an hour or two a night when I have the duty. Realistically I know there isn’t much chance I’ll get paged, but that little extra bit of stress keeps me up and messes up my sleep pattern for the whole week.

Worrying that I will oversleep if I have to be somewhere early the next day

My children

My wife gets really morbid at night and tells me all the time how she doesn’t want to die and wants to have a whole dialogue about it, this tends to happen when I’m really tired.

Worrying about finances if I’m close to broke at a particular moment, but my finances have been a lot better the last few months.