What kind of geek are you?

Among many other geekities, I am a tea geek. I buy only loose-leaf tea and barely tolerate high-end tea bags. Lipton and Red Rose are swill fit only to poison an enemy’s fresh water supply. I’m such a pathetic geek that I bring my own tea and an electric kettle on vacation. I know what the letters SFTGFOP mean and I can pronounce rooibos correctly.

What about you?

I’m the kind of geek who buys jeans on line because the ones in the stores aren’t high-waisted enough.
Or is that a kind of nerd?

Computer geek

wannabe science geek (yes there are such things as science groupies and no it’s not the same as being a “furry”).

Stationery aficionado - I love a beautiful pen or mech. pencil. Not the fancy overprice shit like Monte Blanc, but real world writing instruments that are beautiful by design and not because of their price. I love unusual paper. I would consider someone who gave me a heavy duty 3 hole punch for my birthday as having seen directly into my soul.

You sound more like a tea snob, to me.

I’m a real geek. I eat the heads off live animals (especially kittens, you-know-who :wink: ) at the carnival side-show.

OMG!!! Ozzy is a geek?

Has anyone told him?

Would he understand?

Computer geek.

Slowly learning x86-64 assembly, just for fun

The question is not so much “What kind of geek?” as “How many kinds of geek?” Geekdom is driven by some fairly fundamental characteristics–indifference to whether or not a topic is “mainstream”, obsessive attention to detail, and an inclination to independent thought, among others. It’s not necessarily specific to a particular topic. Geeks often branch out when they find new topics that interest them, or engage in serial geekery, in which they obsess on a subject until they feel they’ve mastered it to their satisfaction, then move on to the next topic.

Here are some (but not necessarily all) of the ways I geek out:

Tech geek–I do software development and testing at work, then do both hardware and software development on my own time.

Anime geek–Not as obsessive as many, but I attend a couple of cons a year, and watch more anime than live-action shows.

SF geek–Fantasy and science fiction fandom runs in the family. Someday, I must find a way to stack books on the ceiling in order to preserve room to move. I have filk CDs.

Comic book geek–I’m sort of abstract about comics geekery. I actually follow very few titles, but I find the tropes of comics interesting, and I know more about superhero characters than a non-geek would readily admit to.

Game geek–This is where I hang my alpha geek hat. I play video games, tabletop RPGs (involved in two different campaigns now, and planning a third), and LARP (live action roleplaying–we dress up in costume and chase each other around the park with foam swords). I’m on the Board of Directors of a non-profit gaming organization and the chairman of the committee that controls the in-game economy (which means I spend a lot of time pricing healing potions and things that go BOOM). Game-related stuff soaks up the bulk of my free time.

GAT d- s+:- a C++ U P+ L+ E- W++ N o+ K- w M+ PS++ PE- PGP? Y+ t++@ 5+ X+ R b++
D++ e* h-- r++ x*


I’m not sure if I can really consider myself a true geek anymore. My singular obsession gene has mutated and mellowed, and now I only dabble, and in about half the number of hobbies I once engrossed myself in. I don’t even read very often anymore.

I used to like Fantasy novels and films; comic book art; 3D computer graphics; synthesiser music; visual effects; and animation. I’m still a fan of most of them, but I don’t partake half as much as I used to.

What the hell do I do with myself all day?

According to this, I’m mostly a rock geek, film geek, Jedi geek, Tron geek and collectible geek, as well as possibly being a super geek and a code geek.

Rock geek: almost any kind of rock is OK by me, and I know all kinds of obscure facts. Love Pink Floyd and Tom Petty, but also Alice Cooper, Porcupine Tree, David Bowie, Yes…

Film geek: my DVD collection is massive, and again, I’m a wealth of trivia.

Jedi geek: I maintain a blog analysing The Clone Wars. I’ve met George Lucas. 'Nuff said.

Tron geek: I have a poster of Tron mounted and have had an email discussion with the co-writer of Tron. The film inspired me to program a TRS-80 when I was eight.

Collectible geek: mostly Star Wars stuff. I even have the cardbacks to my figures from the '80s.

Super geek: love Superman and Batman in particular, but I’m only now rediscovering this.

Code geek: as I said, I was programming from age eight. I bought the 2nd ed. K&R to read for fun. Being a CS grad student, however, has dulled my personal interest.

Your fellow geeks have sold you out my brutha - http://www.ebb.org/ungeek/

[spoiler]GEEK TYPE CODE [GAT] **

   Geek of All Trades.   ** GEEK DRESS CODE [d-] **

   I'm usually in jeans and a t-shirt.   ** GEEK SHAPE CODE [s+:-] **

   I'm a little taller than most.  Everyone tells me to gain a few     pounds.   ** GEEK AGE CODE [a] **

   My age is 30-39.   ** GEEK COMPUTERS CODE [C++] **

   Computers are a large part of my existence.  When I get up in the     morning, the first thing I do is log myself in.  I play games or mud     on weekends, but still manage to stay off of academic probation.   ** GEEK UNIX CODE  **

   I have a unix account to do my stuff in.   ** GEEK PERL CODE [P+] **

   I know of perl.  I like perl.  I just haven't learned much perl, but     it is on my agenda.   ** GEEK GNU/LINUX CODE [L+] **

   I've managed to get GNU/Linux installed and even used it a few     times.  It seems like it is just another OS.   ** GEEK EMACS CODE [E-] **

   Emacs is too big and bloated for my tastes   ** GEEK WORLD WIDE WEB CODE [W++] **

   I have a homepage.  I surf daily.  My homepage is advertised in my     .signature.   ** GEEK USENET CODE [N] **

   Usenet News?  Sure, I read that once.   ** GEEK USENET ORACLE CODE [o+] **

   I have been incarnated at least once.   ** GEEK KIBO CODE [K-] **

   I don't know who Kibo is.   ** GEEK MICROSOFT WINDOWS CODE [w] **

   Ok, so I use MS Windows, I don't have to like it.   ** GEEK MACINTOSH CODE [M+] **

   A Mac has it's uses and I use it quite often.   ** GEEK POLITICS & SOCIAL ISSUES CODE [PS++][/spoiler]**

Star Trek geek, Stargate geek, somewhat of a Star Wars geek. My husband is none of these things, but thanks god he understands me. He’s never discouraged me from it, but good naturedly laughs about it at times. That’s ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Math geek. I read books about math and mathematicians for fun. I’ve entertained myself by factoring phone numbers.

I think this qualifies me as a general all-purpose geek, actually.

Different ones over the years.

Started off as a Magic: the Gathering geek. Had 20 sided dice for life point totals. Glass counters. Books. Boxes made especially for the cards. Thousands of cards. Fiction books. Encyclopedias of the cards. Cards from other countries. Custom cards. Those black decks that were reproductions of championship decks. This obsession eventually encompassed the Pokemon: TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh: TCG. I’ve given all that up though, except for playing the occasional Yu-Gi-Oh game against my brother.

Transformers. I have every series from G1 up to Energon, including the ones that didn’t get released in America. (Victory, Headmasters 2, Beast Machines 2, etc.) I have toys, books, comics, clothes, and all 3 movies. Soon I’m going to add a transforming usb mouse and a transforming flash drive to my collection. I don’t have anything of value though, since I firmly believe the toys should be played with, and not left sitting around in boxes.

I’m just a biology geek. I get abnormally excited about all things medical. Angiogenesis gets me all hot and bothered. I was at a big Immunohematology conference last week and was completely enthralled by how awesome a parasite malaria is. Seriously, I left there thinking that it’s too bad malaria kills people because it’s so freaking cool.

Also a Star Wars geek, LOTR geek, and a Simpsons geek. I listen to Weird Al and Jonathan Coulton.

But I am most decidedly not a math or computer geek. Despite spending far too much of my life on here, I can’t wrap my brain around how any of this magic happens. I let my programmer husband deal with all that. He’s a whole host of other geeks wrapped into a cute package. And he is endlessly amused by my unrestrained awe and enthusiasm towards bio stuff.

Simply Far Too Good For the Ordinary People?

If I had to class myself most likely otaku bordering on weaboo

I recently stuck an add-on into my google chrome that keeps my manga up to date and alerts me when new releases of chapters are out and looking at the series I follow alone theres ver 1000 chapters at at least 19 pages a chapter and those are the ones being updated not to mention the ones I’ve finished. Then theres the anime and the hours upon weeks upon months… wow I think I just summised my life.

No. No, that just makes you weird and a little scary.

I am more of a generic, all-purpose geek. Mainstream SF and fantasy. A little of this, a little of that. I guess I’m also a bit of a biology (zoology) geek, too. I am not a specialized geek in any area.

Food geek, if that’s a real thing. I hate the term foodie. I also think a foodie is someone who buys food only because it’s expensive without really doing any research.

I search out local free range eggs. I’m aware “free range” can mean just a window to the coop, so I buy from a purveyor that has had lots of news coverage for being truly free range, in that the chickens are out and about most of the day.

I’m aware that USDA standards for organic food and milk are abysmally low, so I specifically choose small operations that are “certified naturally grown” or certified by QAI. I use the EWG’s research for choosing organic produce and milk, so I’m not buying organic bananas when I don’t need to.

I don’t buy things on the basis that they’re nutritionally better, only to avoid certain dangerous pesticides, growth hormones, etc.

I’m starting to get into anime. Seen 90% of Miyazaki’s stuff, just finished Cowboy BeBop, and I’m currently watching Samurai Champloo. Good stuff.

“Geek of all trades” here. Computers, national anthems, flags, trivia, those are my big geek realms. I’m just content to be a “geek” for all the privileges and rewards that come with that title without clarifying it more.