What kind of Ocarina was feature in the video game "Ocarina of Time"?

I’ve recently started playing a 6 holed pendant ocarina. Out of boredom mainly.

Anyway, because I’m a huge fan of the Zelda series, I was wondering what type of ocarina was featured in its first 3D iteration, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

A visit to wikipedia revealed that both the Fairy Ocarina (which you start the game with) and the titular Ocarina of Time appear to be the variety known as a Sweet Potato or Transverse ocarina. Has anyone got any idea how many holes they had? Google hasn’t been much use since the only thing I could use to narrow down my search is also the title of the game.

Also, while I’m here; anyone know where I can find 6 holed ocarina sheet music for the OoT soundtrack?

As for the sound track their are sites out their that have tabs for OoT soundtrack but I have not seen sheet music. A long long time ago Nintendo Power offered a Ocarina of Time if you resubscribed your subscritpion. So they must exist out there somewhere

They used to advertise these in video game magazines. I have no idea if that site is any good to buy from or not, it just came up in a google of ocarina time replica. Amazon also came up with one in the search.

This is the site for the manufacturer (links broken because one of them made sounds at me)
http://www. songbirdocarina.com/dev/

And this is their Zelda subsite
https://www. zeldasocarina.com/


Found this on their site, sounds like it might be just what you want

http://www. songbirdocarina.com/dev/sweet-potato-ocarinas?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=43&category_id=16

Thanks for the links, but none of those sites are that useful to me; I live in the UK.

12 hole tenor ocarina

You can also buy them from Amazon.com

http:// songbirdocarina.com/dev/faq

The problem there is I’ll probably be charge import tax. It’s not that I don’t mind paying it as much as it’ll probably sneak up on me (you always have to go through some ludicrously inconvenient way to pay it).