Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

Anyone else still playing this on the Cube? I get to it when I have the time. It is insanely impossible to figure out rooms you “know” youve beaten when you played regular OOT.

PLEASE use boxed spoilers here!

What are you guys stuck on?

What is this about?

Haven’t played my Cube for ages, having picked up two new games that don’t work for some reason. Try Gamefaqs for help :slight_smile:

Just curious, how do the older N64 Zelda games compare to Zelda Windwaker? I was always thinking of going back and playing them, since I still have my N64, and I still consider it quite playable.

You should definitely go back and play Ocarine of Time. Not only is it one of the best games ever made, but having played it will leave you better prepared to play the next Legend of Zelda game when it comes out, as it’s graphical style is based on Ocarina, not Windwaker.

Also, Epona rocks.

What do you mean about the graphical style? Windwaker is the only Zelda game I’ve played, and I liked its graphical style. Ocarina is 3D also, isn’t it?

Should I try to get the N64 version of Ocarina, or the GC version?

The GC version of OOT was only availible when you pre-registered for Wind Waker. It came with OOT:MQ as well. You possibly cvould find it at a second-hand/used Video game stores.

My OOT came with my GameCube when I got it. It also had a bunch of older Zelda titles as well (but no Link’s Awakening, sadly - I’m sure it wouldn’t have looked pretty blown up to TV size, but it was a great game).
Graphically, Windwaker had a very different look from OOT. Windwaker was cel-shaded, more “child-like” pictures. OOT was more realistic, or as realistic as you could get in 64 bit. The new, as of yet untitled GC one looks to be visually beautiful. Very lifelike.
Here’s my question though: what is Master Quest? Is this different from regular OOT? I played it all the way through when I first got the 'Cube, and then I started in on Majora’s Mask (Majorca? I can’t remember) but was Zelda-ed out for a bit and never finished it.

From what little I read on-line, the Master Quest makes some of the castle dungeon areas more in-depth/complicated/hard.

But I haven’t played it, so take that for what it’s worth.

I think that’s how I saw it, second-hand. I’m just wondering if it translates well to the GC, or I should play the original on the N64?

I’ve played it on both consoles and it’s pretty much the same. I haven’t noticed anything lost in emulation if that’s what you’re worried about. And yeah, Ocarina of time was an amazing zelda. It was so cool to play those little tunes. No other instrument used in zelda games comes close.

You should also play Majora’s Mask for N64. Great game, great zelda.

And you should play the snes one, and the gb ones, and the gba one. They’re all great. I haven’t played the first 2 for Nes so I can’t recommend them.

Master Quest is the same game, except the dungeons are almost completely redone. The actual layouts are the same, but you end up going through them in a different order, and many rooms have completely different puzzles and enemies, and I think even treasure chest locations are switched around. Also, many of the puzzles have been made more difficult, and there’s difficulty enough if you’re already used to playing through the dungeons the regular way.

The first NES game is decent enough. The same walk around looking down from above as in the SNES and GB versions.

The second is as big a departure from all that as Mario Bros. 2 was from the rest of its series. Combat, dungeons, towns etc are all handled in a side scrolling game, map movement top down. Its also far more difficult than any of the others. Not bad, just… different :wink: