What kind of stranger should I hook up with for casual sex?

Okay, this is more or less just a game. Let me explain:
My hubby and I are going out of town next weekend for our anniversary. At my request, we’ve decided to play that game where you walk into a bar at different times, and hook up for “casual sex”.

He’s willing to take this fantasy as far as I want to. He’s willing to be just about anything I want him to be. Now to decide what I want him to be. In order to do that, I’d like to hear suggestions from you guys.

Here’s some factual background:
We’ve been married 19 years (well, as of next Sunday). He’s an IT professional for the federal gov’t. I have a part-time sales gig on eBay, and mostly manage our investment properties/look for new ones. I’m his second wife (he was married for a year when he was very young). He’s my first husband. But for the fantasy:
He could be rich
He could be a laborer (construction worker? coal miner? We are going to be in WV, so either would be believable)
Married and looking to fool around on his wife
Never married
Etc. etc.

I definitely want him to be on the aggressive side, but have decided nothing beyond that.

So, come on imaginative Dopers, make some suggestions!

Couldn’t you just do this properly and ACTUALLY go out to hook up with a random stranger? “Meeting” your husband seems like a cop out.

Some people actually enjoy monogamy, you know.

I vote for having him be a space alien who abducts you, but that’s just a personal thing of mine.

Perhaps you could both be space aliens, but from different alien planets, trying to hook up with human beings, but accidentally hooking up with each other.

Tell him to rent a tux, get an unexpected hair style, and change colognes.

You should be wearing a dress he’s never seen, perhaps a wig, definitely a new perfume. And, of course, fancy lingeree!

He needs to send you expensive drinks from across the room.
(‘Who is that woman? She is exquisite, I must know!’)
You need to play hard to get.

Sounds like great fun to me!

I kind of like the construction worker idea too.

I dig the coal miner thing. But you should tell him to totally surprise you!

He says he’s a construction worker, but really he’s an escaped convict. He was busted killing the man who he thought killed and raped his wife, but really she faked her death, and orchestrated her “killer’s” murder as part of an insurance scam. After several years on the inside, he’s ready to move on, but can’t reveal to you his secret past.

If you’re going to make your husband act, give him a juicy role, says I.

Bond. James Bond.

Yeah and you can dress like an Indian chief or a policeman.

Ooo. Yes. But he must be able to do the accent.

A “Mr. Plow” jacket?

a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania

Yes. I think an ornithologist would be a real turn-on.

Maybe if it was David Attenborough.

He’s royalty under cover and on the run from the paparazzi, after that scandal at the Palace blew wide open. He’s trying to fake an American accent and fit in with the locals, but he keeps doing small things wrong.

You’re a waitress from the diner across the road, just done your shift and taking a break before going home to your lonely apartment.

Your eyes meet across the room…

Dude. I double dog DARE your spouse to show up at a bar in West Virginia, dressed up as Dr. Frank N. Furter. I TRIPLE DOG DARE him.

(does this count as wishing death on someone?) :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

A dead ornithologist?

How about an undercover zombie on the run from the paparazzi? :smiley:

He should be Gay, and then you can “turn” him.