What kind of stranger should I hook up with for casual sex?

And I happen to be one of those people.

Even back in my “slut” days (long and long ago, I promise!) I never, ever cheated on a lover. I had times when I was sleeping with several guys because there were no promises of monogamy, but any time I made a promise of monogamy, I was damned well monogamous! 'Sides, I haven’t had sex with anyone but my husband in almost 23 years; I’m not sure I’d know what to do with another guy!

As for the ideas: he could fake an accent. He did live in England for a year, with his first wife. I like the idea of him being totally entranced by me and sending me expensive drinks from across the room! :wink:

While I’ll admit to being more than a little bit in lust with Frank N. Furter way back when, I so cannot imagine my husband in a garter belt and stockings!

At this point, I’m leaning towards, I’m a bored, rich widow, jaded and not necessarily interested in a one-night-stand (but even less interested in a long-term relationship) and he’s some kind of blue-collar laborer.

But hey, I have all week to change my mind. :wink:

he makes like he’s Lord Lucan (or Elvis). :smiley:

Okay, for my suggestion: he’s an undercover sexologist doing some “field work”. He’s looking for the hottest, sluttiest woman he can find to see if he can break through the 50-orgasms-in-one-night barrier that currently impedes man’s progress.

Wow. That could get intense!

You’re both traveling on business and you’re stranded; a blizzard caused all flights to be canceled. He luckily registered for the very last available room in the hotel. The room has two beds and you are welcome to one of them; there are no ulterior motives, of course, both of you are happily married. But-----he is very handsome and charming and you are so very far from home and no one will ever know-----

Ooooh. Nice.

regardless of what role he plays, I think he will appreciate it if you show up as a bisexual with a girlfriend in tow…

So you didn’t like Frank N. Furter?

Ok… you are Batman, he’s Robin, and you’ve both had a little too much to drink.

Can he get his hands on some roofies?


  • He’s a popular R&B/pop artist, and you’re an underage groupie (he’ll need to drink a lot for this one).

  • You’re a divorced former princess and he’s a wealthy Egyptian business man (make sure there’s no driving involved).

  • He’s a psychology professor at the local university, and you’re the former student he won’t remember, but who had the biggest crush on him when you were taking his class. You’re now graduating, and need a letter of recommendation to get the position at a prestigious research facility that his third ex-wife is hiring for. He might need some coaxing…

You’re the milkmaid, and he’s the handsome young stableboy…

Or, you can play the chauffeur and the countessa!

You guys are twisted!

Which is, of course, why I love you!

No, you have it wrong. We love him. We just want to see what happens if you show up at a bar in WV dressed like him.

Yep. In a state where 97% of all pickup trucks are equipped with a gun rack, you get free shot guns in boxes of Rice Krispies, and January-November is Open Season on homasexshuls, it would be quite a reaction! :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one?

[Sean Connery]The Original?[/Sean Connery],

[George Lazenby]The Forgotten[/George Lazenby],

[Roger Moore]The Playboy[/Roger Moore],

[Timothy Dalton]The Stiff[/Timothy Dalton],

[Pierce Brosnan]The Soundrel[/Pierce Brosnan],


[Daniel Craig]The Blond[/Daniel Craig]?

And P.S., if that little bit of linguistic razzle dazzle doesn’t hot you up, you’re not as turned on by the accent as you think. :wink:

Daniel Craig can go to hell. So can Timothy Dalton.
While I like Roger Moore’s accent I don’t like him.
I have never seen George Lazenby. On Wiki it says he is in *one * bondmovie.
And Sean Connery always occupies a place in my heart. However…

Pierce Brosnan is always my number one pick. I even liked him in Matador, admittedly a very different type of movie.

I don’t so much like Bond as two of the actors who played him, I guess.

Oh, good. That’s the one I do best. You don’t watch four and a half years of Remington Steele and not pick something up.


Now, let’s increase the fun a little more.

He has to be in the bar first. I’d suggest a sports bar so that he can sit at the counter and strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to him. It’s got to be a guy, (1) for purposes which we will see and (2) you can’t put him on a spot with a difficult decision of which one to pick up.

You husband (H) talks a bit with his new acquaintance (A). H is married, in town for a few days, his son just won whatever, and his wife (you) is XXX. Decide how he wants to play his description of your relationship. Almost getting a divorce. Totally in love. Whatever.

You then come in, and sit on the other side, just out of hearing range. H quietly tells A that you look hot, and he thinks you would be “doable.”

Here’s the important part. You have to see A’s reaction. Is A the type that seems to think that married people shouldn’t play around or not. This determines how the next action plays out.

H become the Player, and orders you a drink. You nod a thanks and then he comes over, and talks to you for a while, but in voices which A can’t hear. You have to laugh, though. This is very important, and cannot be understated.

H returns and tells A that things are going well. They return back and continue to watch the game. You guys flirt by eye contact and H takes you another drink. You guys again talk (and laugh) and then he brings you back to join with A.

H tells you about himself, but it’s completely different than what he told A. He’s divorced. No kids. He’s going to be moving into the city to get a new job.

Here’s where it makes a difference if A is a Player or not. If A thinks H shouldn’t be doing this, then you two can both play the total sluts. A is going to be freaking out.

Then at some point, H says that he has something to “show” you in his room, and you agree to go. You go to the rest room to freshen up and if A is a Player, H gets to gloat.

Hey, this is my fantasy! Go get your own! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Oops. Sorry. Blame it on KneadtoKnow, he started it.