What lies has Hillary been caught in?

That are getting Trump and his followers in such a tizzy.

I the two main ones they are likely to point to are

Saying that the Bengazi attack was due to a protest over a video, and that she never had any classified e-mails on her server.

Both of these are probably due to her being mistaken rather than actual lies. But calling her a liar plays better on TV.

She did lie on both counts. And let’s not forget her landing and taking sniper fire as well.

There are only two choices here. Either she lied, or she didn’t, which makes her too frickin’ stupid to be POTUS. I’m going with lying, because I don’t think she knows how to tell the truth.

Here is another list

and another one

and maybe this one too

Where does that leave Trump?

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Hey, big shock here, but all politicians lie. The question should be which one is worse? From your same source, compare the two.



Do you understand that there is a third option? Being wrong. Which is pretty on point, because you didn’t lie when you said there were only two options, you were wrong.

Also, the video thing was, factually, the opinion of the intelligence community at the time. And the classified emails were 3 in number out of tens of thousands, and they weren’t properly marked.

The thing is, Trump is an honest liar: he knows he’s lying, you know he’s lying, and he knows you know he’s lying (and you know he knows etc :)). Clinton OTOH is deceptive, with weasel words and reframing things, like talking about ‘gun safety’ when she means ‘gun control’.

That’s called being a politician. And no, I’d guess many of Trump’s supporters have no idea he’s lying. They ain’t the best and brightest over in the deplorable basket.

Also, gun safety for* gun control* isn’t dishonest. It’s an attempt to avoid a Pavlovian response from single-issue voters. Most gun owners support universal background checks, but when you call it gun control, they raise their spines and hiss.

Nah. Trump isn’t a liar at all–his version of truth is just whatever happens to be coming out of his mouth at any given moment. At no point do facts or past statements come into the picture. For Trump to knowingly lie would require him to have some true thing at hand, and then say the opposite. Trump’s brain, however, does not contain any true things.

Trump could not know if his supporters know he’s lying, and would not care even if he did; he only knows whether they continue to support him.

I don’t see the point of this post. I’m not trying to total them up to compare between people (like snfaulkner posted). I’m just providing a (probably partial) list of “what lies has Hillary been caught in?” which is the subject of the thread. Can you understand that distinction?

ETA: If you want to have a “what lies has Trump been caught in?” thread, knock yourself out.

That’s two very arrogant statements.

I’m not calling it dishonest; I’m calling it deceptive. Like choice for abortion.

It’s hardly arrogant to think that many of Trump’s supporters aren’t smart. He’s a fucking fruitloop. His actual policies are nonsense.

No, like *life *for fuck your right to control your body.

Do you think that there are any Trump voters that are smarter than you?

The dodging sniper fire was a big, fat lie. Her saying she wasn’t carpetbagging NY in her run for Senate (told to me, personally via e-mail. Sure it was boilerplate election bullshit but I sent her an e-mail with my concern over this and received one back assuring me that Clinton was in it for New York all the way. And then as soon as the Presidential election rolled around-- bye NY, you were very useful! Which is why I voted Bernie in the primary.

Besides those two, not seeing anything more than shit throwing.

Of course. I’m not the smartest person in the world. However, I would bet that the vast majority of his supporters who are smarter than I am, are under the cloud of significant amounts of misinformation (Behghazi was…something, global warming is a communist plot, etc).

I don’t actually think all of these are what I’d consider “lies”, but someone bothered to put together a video stringing together some HRC lies and ‘evolving beliefs’:

Not necessarily. That one strikes me as a pretty classic case of false memory, which I understand is actually pretty common; being warned about the possibility of sniper fire could easily turn into “dodging sniper fire” twelve years after the fact.

So why not call it that?

Now do you understand?