What long-time/prolific posters have been banned?

I’ve been following the recent thread discussing the reasons why peace was banned, and while I miss the guy a little (watching posters try and engage him in straightforward debate was like watching someone try to grab a greased eel, and about twice as entertaining), it got me thinking.

Most of the folks who get banned around here seem to be newbies that pop up, act like jackasses, and then quickly get the boot. But IIRC, peace had been here several months and amassed close to 1000 posts before being banned, and from what I understand JDT was a pretty abundant poster too before he finally shot his proverbial wad. (I don’t really read GD, so I didn’t see much of him.)

So, without dredging up old wounds or anything, is there any other prolific or veteran posters that have been banned from the boards? Perhaps it’s a bit morbid, but I find it interesting to peruse the archives for the rantings of the kooks that have since been banned, and watch them self-destruct.

Melin was once a moderator who was banned just before I registered. I don’t know how many posts she had. See http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=8465

What makes you think these guys are gone? It’s hard to imagine that Peace is not still posting. Cement is posting. Melin seems to have abandoned the board in favor of FFF, but reads here from time to time and could easily be posting off and on right now.

We have 10,000 registered users, and maybe 5%-10% active. That means people come and go all the time. In fact it’s a law of nature that each of us will eventually have a last post here. What triggers that event? Could be running out of things to say, finding other places to post, finding your friends have been replaced by strangers, depression, anxiety, illness, insanity, getting married, finding work, learning to knit, installing a dish antenna, or a hundred other reasons. But being banned doesn’t seem like an incentive to leave, but more an incentive to stay.

Ah, the “scab-picking thread.”

Eh, Bibliophage, Melin was not a moderator.

Actually, DDG, Melin was at one point a moderator. After the first fracas, she was given notice as a moderator but allowed to remain as a poster. After the second fracas, she was banned.

I never said they weren’t, though I find it hard to believe that I wouldn’t recognize peace under another name what with his, um, unique grammatical style. My line of questioning is concerned whether there’s people who have gotten banned after a period of time/posts where not only should they have known better, they really really should have known better, not whether there’s people who have been banned and are now surreptitiously back.

IMHO there’s a lot of interesting history on this board, and even though I’ve been around a few months I feel like I’m still pretty clueless - hell, I don’t even think I knew who Wally was until this winter. However, if the general sentiment is that this indeed is mere “scab-picking”, I’m more than happy to let it drop and slink off back to my lurker’s corner.

Ya know, Pitty me boy, the slogan on the front page of the Straight Dope, says “Fighting ignorance since 1973.” It does not say, “Wildy speculating since 1973.” Why in the name of all that’s good and right do you insist upon posting comments that are in direct opposition to our slogan? If you have reasonable evidence that these people are still posting, please inform the administration; we wanna hear it. If you don’t have any goddamned evidence, keep your stupid yap shut, okay?

And if any of youse peoples really have a desire for more foolish melodrama in your lives, try this page: http://www.websoapdigest.com/

Here’s another, http://www.soapcentral.com/soapcentral/ with a message board for ya.

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I stand corrected, JC. :slight_smile:

Eh, Schief, banning is never a “fun” experience for anybody. Oh, sure, it’s moderately entertaining when some obvious obnoxious troll gets the boot, but when it’s someone we’ve gotten to know (and sometimes enjoy reading), it can be very painful. Peace and JDT had their fans, as well as others I could name (but won’t). :wink:

It’s probably better for the boards overall to just not talk about it, you know? This isn’t a soap opera where you can get an on-line guide to “The Story So Far”.

If you really want to know some history, what you should do is Search for threads with the words “troll”, “sock puppet”, and “banning/banned”. There’s usually a short discussion in each one concerning Famous Trolls/Banned Posters of the Past, and then you can go Search for their posts and read for yourself.

And if you have specific questions about who was sleeping with whom in last week’s episode, you can always e-mail a moderator and ask. I think we’d all much rather have it kept private.

Fair enough…I knew there was a reason you were one of my favorite posters, DDG.

I was interested in finding out more about some of the bizarre and wacky posters that have inhabited these boards. But I can tell I’m just dredging old wounds, which was completely not my intention.

So, mods, feel free to close and/or delete this thread at your will.

At least schief2 didn’t ask you to provide concrete examples! :smiley:

Closed at the OP’s request.