What Makes a Fart "Juicy"?

You all know what I am talking about. You fart and recoil at the horror that you crapped yourself instead. When you check your drawers, you are relieved that there is nothing there. However, the sensation was real. Why did it feel that way and especially, why did it smell that way?

Other times, it may not be so extreme but the fart just feels juicier than normal and smells like it too.

Why is that? Also, are these farts the best ones for lighting or is it different ones?

imminent (juicy) poop?

ok, i feel like I need a shower after typing that.

Juicy Poop. The taste is gonna move ya. :rolleyes:

Obscure fact: the colon and rectum self-lubricate with mucus to some extent in order to ease the passage of waste. So if you think you detect some moisture, probably just a bit of mucus.

Ass boogers!

this thread is really creepin’ me out.

But I’m RIVETED… continue…


For lighting, the best ones are not the juicy ones.

What gets the best “blue-flamers” is a clear, clean, and long fart.

(Cautionary note: They go right through your pants with no problem, so PLEASE do yourself a favor and keep one’s pants on when lighting them. Your butt will thank you in the morning.)

Lesson learned

But NOT if you are a fashion-cripple and are wearing polyester!! :eek:

Dang, man.

You ought to change your username to…

Oh. Nevermind.

Unless your pants catch on fire. I saw a guy light his pants and torch his asshole once. I was too paralyzed laughing at the dude to do anything. In fact, 12 years later I’m STILL laughing hysterically.

See, that’s what I was going to ask - why don’t the pants catch on fire? And wouldn’t that be a lot worse than singing a few ass hairs?

Not that I want to smell that particular smell, or see that particular sight, for that matter. Just asking a hypothetical here.

Juicy Poop
Now if that’s not a band name, I’ve never heard one.

Thanks, Beware of Doug

On a related note, what causes the “burning” sensation when you have bad wind due to digestive trouble? Is it caused by excess stomach acid making it all the way through the colon? Hmm…

Never trust a wet fart.


Juicy poop…band name, screen name, SDMB meme.

that might actually be caused by spicy juicy poop. It’s like regular juicy poop… but with more if a bite.

Singing Ass Hairs, yet another band name!

Well, heck. When I did it, it was with cotton jeans, never had a “fire” problem. I do see the point about polyester, though.

But hey, sometimes you just gotta go for it.

They change when you refresh, but a moment ago, they were: