What Marketing Segment Are You?

The Claritas PRIZM is a marketing tool that breaks everyone down into almost 70 different groups. A list of them is here. So which one do you think you are?

Here is what they probably think you are based on your ZIP Code.

I’m probably 18-Mayberry-ville (Upscale older mostly w/o kids). I live in a small town in a mostly rural area. Our local economy is primarily tourist driven since we are in the mountains on a large lake that is ideal for recreation during the summer months, and not far from a popular National Park.

The zip code lookup doesn’t seem to work for me.


It took a while for it to come up in my browser.

Took a while for me too. Worked on my home ZIP but then I tried my work and it gave me “Map Rendering Service Failed” errors.

I think “Low-rise living”
63 - Low-Rise Living:**
Mostly middle-aged, singles and single parents. They rank above average in their use of technology - perhaps influenced by their urban, fast-paced environment.

Man, the Dope’s really stooping to new lows to try to monetize us, isn’t it? :smiley:

“What marketing segment are you? Not that we’ll use this information to MARKET* to you, see…it’s just um, curiosity. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

  • *Terms and conditions apply, terms such as “we will not market to you” and “this information will not be used to…” are agreed to mean “we will market to you” and “we will use this information for…”. By reading this, you have agreed to our 127-page attack-EULA and forfeit all rights, privileges, and legal recourse. *

I’m Township Traveler but according to my zip-code I’m City Roots. Yet more proof that marriage is holding me captive in a world I’m not adjusted to. :wink:

Zip code lookup not working, even after a while, maybe because I’m on my phone. Several categories could fit, we’re not quite 65 but kids are on their own, we’re well paid, tech jobs, upscale life style in the exurbs.

This is me.

**45 - Urban Modern Mix: **

These singles live near the city center and are considered average in technology usage. They also enjoy frequently online shopping.

I recently responded to a telephone survey, and ended up receiving several more, including one from Nielsen that also included a multi-page mailed questionnaire. I answered very detailed questions about what media I watch/listen to, where I shop and what I buy. I’m sure my details are being used to develop targeted marketing and identify demographic patterns.

My zipcode gave me five choices. Four of them are family-based and I’m single and have no children. So I appear to be a Pickup Patriarch - Upscale older mostly w/o kids.

I then looked at the website and got further details: “They live in areas that are somewhat rural but have more of a suburban taste. They are frequent golfers, boaters, and heavy shoppers.”

The first part is accurate. I live in a rural suburb of a large city. But I don’t play golf or boat. I’m not sure if I qualify as a heavy shopper.

I’ll give them about a fifty percent accuracy rating.

None that my zip code gave me were even close for me.

For mine, it gives five matches, and four of them say “w/o kids”. This is the heart of LDSville. I think there are three schools within one mile. So much for marketing savvy.

Nothing in the list is close to me.

Well, ZIP codes were not created with marketing in mind. They just generally indicate where post offices were located 50 years ago.

A lot of this is just mumbo-jumbo to keep marketing companies in business.

I’d say it’s more jargon than mumbo-jumbo, although I’m not sure where the line is drawn between them. The categories seem real enough, the names and descriptions do seem more like they’re for communication with the marketer’s customers than what they would use themselves to design marketing campaigns.

Looking at the list, we’re closest to “Gray Power”.

The zip code lookup thinks that we’re “Movers & Shakers”, though (wealthy, older, mostly without kids). Well, we’re older and without kids, but hardly wealthy.

Middleburg Managers:
This segment has solid white-collar jobs and good educations. In their older homes, they enjoy reading, while time spending time outside.

This was the first one that I came to that sounded familiar.

It was not in my zip code.

On a real computer now, the zip code lookup gives me 05, 09, 10, 12, and 22.

10 - Executive Suites, and 12 - Cruisin’ to Retirement would be the best matches.

I guess the closest is 05 - Country Squire - Members of this segment fled the city life for the charms of small-town living. Many have executive jobs and live in recently built homes