What might you be wrong about? A poll

How often do you take a firm political or philosophical stand that, deep down, you have real doubts about whether anything would be better if things WERE the way you want?

For me, it’s free speech and individual responsibility. I believe that crime and injury come from action, not speech. I believe Hitler was a sick bastard who should have been institutionalized, but the people who pulled the triggers were the real criminals.
I believe I have the right to shout “Fire” in a crowded theater (not that I ever would), and if a bunch of idiots trample some people in a panic, I’m not the one responsible. I believe that child pornograhy should be legal, though assaulting children should not, and the pictures taken during an assault should serve as excellent evidence for the prosecution during an assault trial, but posession of them by an uninvolved 3rd party should not be a crime in and of itself. I don’t believe that the followers of Jim Jones or David Koresh were the VICTIMS of Jones and Koresh, they were their ENABLERS.

I believe these things, but I really worry how much MORE screwed up the world might be if society were run this way.

I hope you will choose to adress your self not to my personal views, but to your own stands that you have your own qualms about.

Even though I am firmly pro-choice, I secretly wish (as do many pro-choicers) that abortion were completely unnecessary and unheard of. I wish we could somehow force people to hold themselves accountable for their own birth control and planned parenthood issues without turning to abortion.

I realize, however, that if abortion were ever made illegal again, the women who would suffer most would be the poor and otherwise marginalized women of our culture, and that such a utopia does not exist, certainly not in the U.S.

In accordance with the above posters views of “I believe in this but I also wish it wasn’t necessary”;

I am pro blasting the heads off every damn f*cking pot head who has the audacity to run around like an asshole during math tests and leap (and throw stuff out of) around on window seals and do other such activities.

I do wish it wasn’t necessary to kill them though;

I would rather it be a preemptive strike and they be killed BEFORE they get a chance to disrupt the class. . . .

Amen to college, people at least (tend to more often) have the common decency to NOT come to class after taking a mystery mixture of drugs, or at least if they do, have the common decency to SIT DOWN AND SHUTUP.


Also, next on my list would be killing those FUCK HEADS who have their DAMN CELLPHONE ON during FINALS. They are ALMOST as bad as the FUCKWADS who have the NERVE do to friggin drug deals over their cell phones in the middle of class!!!

Yeesh that pisses me off.

About the ONLY thing that I cannot stand AT ALL are people who interfere with my (or others) education. I do not believe in physically harming too many folks out there without some sort of trial procedure coming on first, but any dickhead who thinks they HAVE A DAMN RIGHT come to class fucked up on who knows what, and disrupt the REST of the class because they just had to snort/sniff/inject/smoke something last night;

well hell, as I said, don’t like the necessity;

but shoot’em all. Dead. Really f*cking dead.
/end angry rant mode/

I’m the opposite but at the same time, pretty much the same as shrew. I’m totally pro-life, but I dont know how much better we would be overall if abortion was against the law. Probably worse off. I’m pro decriminilazatoin (?) of some drugs, but I understand that that might not be a good idea to make them more prevelant in society. I’m against affermative action of any kind, yet I know that some minorities dont get a fair shake at some things. I’m anti-stupid people and think they should get fixed at a young age, but then who would pick my apples and clean the public toilets?

I am generally pro-gun control – I think that, except for hunting, law enforcement, and the military, guns should have no place in our society. It strikes me as irresponsible of the government that guns are so freely available in the U.S. I would like to see a lot more restrictions. But sometimes I wonder if gun control would really make so much of a difference (think: recent events in Germany). Plus, if guns are outlawed, what if all the bumper stickers are actually right and only outlaws will have guns! :eek: