What motivates Bill Clinton?

So what does motivate the old man?

Is it getting young pussy in the White House? Ethnic pussy in the White House? Middle-aged pussy in the White House? Beltway pussy in the White House? Southern-fried pussy in the White House? Shoving tobacco products up pussy in the White House? Getting his knob slobbed in the White House?

Or maybe it’s just fucking his wife Hillary in the White House.

Is this man so determined to get back to the White House before he shuffles off this mortal coil, that he’ll do anything to see his wife elected president (in 2012), even go so far as continue to say stupid shit to blow this election for Obama?

In a recent interview he praises McCain as a “great man,” saying he’s “never concealed [his] admiration and affection” for McCain.

He then goes on to fall all over himself praising Sarah Palin. “She’s an instinctively effective candidate, and with a compelling story. I think it was exciting to some, that, that she was a woman. It was exciting that she was from Alaska… She handled herself very well. I get why she’s done so well. She, she’s, it’s a mistake to underestimate her. She’s got good intuitive skills. They’re significant.”

But then he comes out and says it was not Obama, but Hillary Clinton that gave today “the ‘most detailed position’ on what to do about the financial crisis.”

(Couldn’t the campaigning for his wife at least get put on hold until after Nov. 4, seeing as we’re still putting the finishing touches on party reunification here?)

He then goes on and says that Obama-Biden will *probably *win, but it’s gonna be really close and come down to the wire.

The only half-way decent thing he has to say about Obama is that he “has offered some very specific and sensible economic reforms and healthcare reforms.”

Wow-- specific *and *sensible. Talk about less-than-glowing endorsements.

So what is Bill Clinton’s motivation for saying the shit he does? Is it the pussy? Or a possible return to the White House?

No. But I think I’ve figured out what ex-President Douchenut’s motivation is: He can’t stand the thought of another Democrat being viewed as a better president than he was.

He really does not want Obama to win, in my opinion. But it’s not so his wife can run again in 2012. It’s really-- deep, deep down in his rotten conniving little heart-- so he can maintain the title of party sweetheart until the day he dies.

He might publically say “I *really *want Obama to be president on Jan. 20, 2009.” But that’s bullshit.

He might tell his wife “I really want *you *to be president on Jan. 20, 2013.” But that’s bullshit too.

What he’s actually telling himself every night is “I really want people to love *me *forever and ever and ever, as the greatest president in history.”

And McCain doesn’t stand in the way of that happening, Palin doesn’t stand in the way of that happening, hell Hillary doesn’t even stand in the way of that happeneing. But fuckin’ Obama does, and he’ll be monkey-fucked if he’ll see that big-eared goon steal his glory.

Hillary has her hand up his arse and making his mouth flap open in time with her ventriloquism. If you look closely you can see her lips move slightly when he talks.

If Bill Clinton really wanted back into the Oval Office, he wouldn’t let a little thing like the Constitution stop him. And I doubt he’ll be having sex with Hillary in the White House or anywhere else.


What motivates Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton.

Power. He & Hillary are both power-mad, but not to the extent that they will break any major laws if there is a chance they will get caught and it will have major consequences.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Bill probably has the worst case of butt-hurt that I’ve ever seen in my life. I really think it’s nothing more than that. Even Hillary is out there doing a good job pretending that she wants Obama to win. Bill simply can’t force himself to do it. He was so tantalizingly close to getting back in the White House. Now he’s just pissed off at Obama.

So I’d say that he doesn’t feel like kissing Obama’s ass because of how his gaffes were portrayed in the media as being racist. Oh yeah, he is also pissed that Obama destroyed his rep with the AA community.

So I’d say that anger and resentment fuel the big dog these days. He can’t stand not being the center of attention.

The fact that he was as beneficial to this country seems to have been a side-effect of his ego satisfaction as president.

Funny, but I have a completely different take on this. Bill wasn’t sent forth to preach to the choir, he is talking to the independents and marginal Republicans. The ones who will walk into the polls still not 100% certain of their vote. And if you’re trying to sway someone who might be listing to starboard, you don’t do it by saying that they are stupid for entertaining thoughts of voting McCain/Palin. Instead of attacking their choice, and therefore attacking them, you sympathize. You “feel their pain” and then steer them back in your direction.

If you’ve already made up your mind to vote Obama/Biden, then Bill isn’t talking to you. If you’re a core Republican and you’re going to vote a straight party ticket, you’re not going to hear any arguments from the left and especially not from “Slick Willy”. But if you could go either way and you admired the Clinton presidency, but you worry about Obama’s level of experience, then this message is aimed at you. Especially the part about it being close and needing every vote.

Feel free to disagree, but this is how I see it.

He wants to bag Palin, but he can’t figure out how to get around that whole right wing fundie nutjob thing to get her into the sack.

And she has the same problem figuring out how to bag him.

You mean, like what caliber rifle and whether to go in on foot or do it from an airplane? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask Bill why Rubin pushed and Gramm passed the bill killing Glass/Steagal. Then ask him why he signed it.
Then ask him how he feels about the impact of NAFTA.
Then ask why we should consider him an expert.

I think, regardless of his sexual escapades, that Clinton sincerely loves his wife. Lots of men (and some women) have a pretty strong disconnect between their emotional love and their sexual interests.

I know from experience that it is much harder to stand by and watch someone you love go through something bad than it is to go through it yourself. Whether it is a parent for a child, a child for a parent, or a spouse for a spouse, we tend to be more defensive or angry or sad on their behalf than they are themselves, because (I suspect) we have a kind of survivor’s guilt - we’re not the one having the problem, so we have to try extra hard to make the problem go away for the other person, because we so hate the idea that they’re suffering and we aren’t. Actually, we’re probably suffering worse, if only we could believe it, but the suffering is of our own making.

This often leads to huge errors in judgment, to put it mildly. This ranges all the way from soccer moms up to ex-presidents.

Bubba needs to figure out that he hasn’t been president for 8 years and it’s time to stay home for a while!

Watching Bill Clinton on David Letterman last night, I was disappointed that he was not outright shouting out for Obama (came in late, tho, so, if he did earlier, correct me). But, it was a breath of fresh air to see an intelligent President. I got wistful, “Man, remember when a politician seemed to have a coherant thought about policy???”

It was Clinton as Statesman, and he shined, weighing in on the financial crisis. He definitely did not give Obama any big kudos, though. A nice backing was to have Chris Rock come on after. Chris tempered the no "O’ by noting right off that Clinton couldn’t get the word Obama out of his mouth too well. It was a nice balance, though Letterman looked kinda uncomfortable.

What motivates Clinton is the same thing that motivates most pols…ego. That is why so many of thing have affairs and divorces. They spend a lot of mental energy justifying their actions.

Er, I don’t think we’ve really had that since Eisenhower; maybe Carter (though he was so ineffectual as a chief exec it is hard to say whether he really had good ideas and couldn’t implement them or was as scattershot in thinking as ultimate execution). Bill Clinton as the epitome of “coherant[sic] thought about policy”? That’s like saying that Reagan was soft on Communism, or George Bush (either one) is ambivalent about the oil industry.


I thought Clinton on the recent Daily Show was excellent. He was articulate and very supportive of Obama. I miss him in office :frowning:

I saw it tonight (as well as his appearance on the View this morning), and you know what? I think I now agree with Rhubarb. I think he’s completely calculating his appearances to appeal to independents and undecideds. He’s not cramming Obama down anyone’s throat. He’s doing exactly what he needs to do to get Obama elected.

But I’ll be dog danged if he still ain’t the biggest poon hound to ever walk through the White House hallways.

I take it you’ve never heard of a certain president named John F. Kennedy.

I have.