What movie have you watched the most times?

[li]Apollo 13[/li][li]GI Jane[/li][li]Coyote Ugly[/li][li]Grease[/li][li]Grease 2[/li][li]Chicago[/li][li]Neverending Story[/li][li]Labyrinth[/li][li]Dirty Dancing[/li][li]Poltergeist (although I always leave the room before the clown)[/li][li]LOTR[/li][li]Harry Potter[/li][li]The Color Purple[/li][li]Bridget Jones’ Diary[/li][li]Bend it Like Beckham[/li][/ul]

I think my movies choices swing from the pretty good to the horrendous and ridiculous, but I love 'em!

Midnight Express
Cool Hand Luke
The Hustler
As Good As It Gets
Animal House
Bonnie and Clyde
The Last Detail

Hmmmm let me think…

Definitely seen 50+ times-
Strange Brew
Slap Shot
Outlaw Josey Wales
Cool Hand Luke
and probably Shawshank because I believe it is now a federal law that Shawshank must be on at least one channel at any given time.

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
The Princess Bride
Rocky Horror
The Life of Brian
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version)
A Christmas Story

I can’t believe nobody other than me has seen the Indiana Jones movies more than twenty times.

The other one that I am the first to mention is L.A. Story.

I have the same experience with Shawshank Redemption. I don’t own it, never saw it in the theatre, but every time I run across it while channel surfing, I stop and watch it the rest of the way through. I think I have only seen the actual beginning once, but from the time he arrives in prison on, I have probably seen it almost 40 times.

OTOH, I don’t think I have seen Groundhog Day more than once or twice on TV, but I have seen it quite often since it is one of the few movies that I bought both the VHS tape and the DVD.

I’m not one to re-watch movies ad nauseum (I also don’t re-read books very often) but the one I’ve watched the most times has to be Beauty and the Beast. I remember begging for it for Christmas when I was 8, I got it and watched it at least once a day until we got back in school. And I’ve definitely watched it at least a few times since then. Actually, I wish I still had it, I’d like to watch it again.

I forgot Babe. I loves me some talking barnyard animals!
Along the lines of verbose creatures, The Adventures of Milo and Otis. Cute!

I don’t know if it’s 20 times, but I’m definitely getting there with:

What About Bob?
Master and Commander
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Pardon my Bees. :dubious:

Just saw Chasing Amy yesterday (couldn’t sleep, which is unusual fro me), and caught Jay and Silent Bob on a plane (Virgin - they treat passenger like grown-ups). Found the central premise of CA (lesbo turns straight for Ben Cornflake) rather unlikely, but roared with laughter at the “Louis Farrakhan” scene, and just before that the “tracer” scene. Excellent writing by Kev.

So is Mallrats up there? (I’m going to hire Clerks - I thought I had this time, but it was some cartoon version.) And what about Dogma?

A Man for All Seasons (Thank you Cal)
The Maltese Falcon

American Graffiti
Midnight Cowboy

A few more:

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (thanks, Cal --you always manage to jog my memory)
Animal House
Laurel & Hardy’s March of the Wooden Soldiers --“Big bait catches big rat!”

And, Cal , remember “Million Dollar Movie” on channel 9 and how they used to show the same movie every night for a week? There are three I watched every night: **The Giant Behemoth, Not of this Earth ** and the Francis Lederer Dracula film where he played “Cousin Belac”–Return of Dracula ?

I don’t usually do repeats either, but in the probably close to 100 range is Grease. A far second to that would be a tie between Footloose and (the original) Willie Wonka.

Glad you enjoyed - Once was all I could do

As for my list - similar to many others

Planes Train Autombiles
Wizard of Oz
Groundhog Day
Trading Places
Young Frankenstein
N L Christmas Vacation
Home Alone
Uncle Buck
Blues Brothers

Multiple Bond selections

The Princess Bride
Young Frankenstein
Wizard of Oz
Indian Jones: Raiders
Real Men
What Planet Are You From?
Airplane I & II

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • This is Spinal Tap
  • Best of Show
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Small Change
  • Fellini’s 8½
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Nat’l Lampoon’s Family Vacation
  • Help (saw it 8 times in one day when it first came out)
  • Caddyshack
  • Night on Earth
  • Mystery Train

The Maltese Falcon
Pulp Fiction
Blade(because my kids watched it, but it was well done)
A Muppet Family Christmas(because it’s cool, and my son was young at that time, yeah, it was my son, no–really…)

I can’t flip past Grease no matter how many times I’ve seen it and even though I detest the message it sends. (Go greased lightning…)


Breakfast Club - he he he
Pride & Prejudice (Ehle/Firth version)
Almost Famous “I’m a golden god!”
Lonesome Dove
Gone With the Wind

Not sure. Either The Princess Bride or Miracle on 34th Street. Possibly Its a Wonderful life. But probably The Princess Bride.