What movie or sitcom used this joke?

I saw this joke/scene used in a sitcom or movie. Any ideas where?

A man and woman are in a relationship and the man asks the woman how many men she’s been with. She has been around so she doesn’t want to tell him an exact number.

So he says, “C’mon. Ballpark” (indicating she could approximate).

And she says, “Definitely less than a ballpark!”

Where was that? Any ideas?

Pretty sure that was Friends.

The guy (Ross?) admits to some very low number, like 2. Then the girl (Rachel?) becomes very reluctant to share her number.

Even if it wasn’t Ross & Rachel, (Monica & Chandler? Phoebe & someone?), or Friends at all, I’m fairly sure the guy only having been with 2 was the setup.

Actually, I think it was Monica and Tom Selleck.

Yeah, it was Monica and Tom Selleck. One of the funnier aspects to it was that Monica was actually his second.

What was his character’s name?

I think they used it on Roseanne, too. Jackie and whoever her baby-daddy was, after they married or were close to getting married.

Richard. Don’t ask how I know this.

This may not be a direct use of that gag, but there was an episode of The Sopranos where Christopher and Adriana were exchanging info on their previous partners that didn’t end on as funny a note as the OP. In fact, I think it led to a fight or at least Adriana getting slapped around.

It was DEFINITELY Monica and Richard. Thanks. I hate it when something like that gets in my head!

If I recall correctly, it was originally Ross and Rachel. But then Monica makes a casual mention to Richard about the argument R&R are having which prompts Richard to ask her how many previous lovers she’s had. It ends with Monica asking, “Am I an oat?”

Ummm…at least that’s what I heard…I never watched the show myself…I’m way too cool…

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I remember the scene.

She does the math in her head and discovers she’s slept with some obscene amount of men. (Like “Well, let’s say 1 a month for, well fifteen years that comes out to… Oh my god.”)

He admits to I think 4 or 5.
I always loved the JAckie storylines so that scene just stuck with me.

Just wanted to chime in:

Jackie’s “baby daddy” is Noonan from Caddyshack.

The Jackie/Fred scene is hysterical. She admits to being with sixty men.

Fred: I don’t even know sixty people.
Jackie: Well, I didn’t know all of them.