What movies/books/computer games should have a sequel?

There’ve been many threads about films and so on where sequels were definetly a very bad idea, but how about examples of something where a sequel would have been (IYHO) good?

Obviously we can’t predict how a sequel would have turned out, and generally sequels are inferior, but what would you have liked to have seen an attempt at?

Stephen King’s Firestarter. Yes, they made that crappy, alternate universe-y TV miniseries on Sci-Fi, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I want another book, man. For those who haven’t read it, the story’s about a pyrokinetic girl named Charlie and her telepathic father. They are on the run from an organization (the Shop) who wants to use Charlie as a weapon.

The Shop captures both of them eventually, but near the end, Charlie escapes by blowing half of their HQ to hell. Her father dies in the process. The last page shows her walking into some magazine’s office, ready to tell her story to the world.

And that’s it. But the Shop’s not completely gone after all that, just under new management. If they were, I wouldn’t think about having a sequel, but the way it ends, eh…you’d think they’d try again, or something.

I’m really, really hoping they could come up with a good Phantom Tollbooth sequel…

One book/movie that begs for a sequal is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

Planescape: Torment

Might as well end the thread now…that’s the final word.

Mel Brooks’ History of the World: Part One.

Comon, I wanna see Hitler on Ice and Jews In Space, gorramit! ;j

Oh, and it would be nice to have a sequel (or sequels, to go for that traditional trilogy thing) for Serenity, though I personally don’t think it NEEDS a sequel, per se.

Exactly what I came in here to mention.

I’d also like to see a Star Control III, since they never made one.

Nope. Never. Ever.

I used to think that Major League was just begging for a sequel. And then they made one and I realized I was mistaken.

Damn you, that’s what I came in here to mention. I mean, we left him in the Blood Wars, which was his just reward, but eventually even he has to work off his debt. And maybe we could play a game of his working off the debt.
As it is, I can’t play the game again because the ending was so final and complete, I feel like there’s nothing else to play. Plus the graphics are really old now.

I’ll second Firestarter and History of the World as well, and point out I liked the sequel to Major League way better than the first.

Since we already have Planescape : Torment, I’ll throw Master of Magic into the ring. And on the (comic) book front, Tales from the Bully Pulpit.

Or let alone a third in the series (ML3: Back to the Minors)… I paid to see it in a theater… Not good.

The Professional I think warranted a sequel with a grown up Matilda.

I’d love a sequel to Shocker called Shocker 2: Electric Boogaloo Man

The Incredibles must have a sequel.

<Serpentor>This I command!</Serpentor>

Oh, a live-action GI Joe would be nice, too.

The Professional needs Leon, so I’ll have to repectfully disagree. La Femme Nikita II, however, has possibilities as a feature film, as long as it’s based on the movie, not the USA TV series.

In the genre of not-real-good-but-I-kinda-liked-it-anyway movies: Super Troopers 2.

Or maybe there already is one and I never noticed…

Wasn’t Spaceballs basically just Jews in Space? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want another Wing Commander game, dammit! But less video.

I’d still like to see AutoDuel, the old Origin game, given the Sid Meier’s Pirates treatment.

Buckaroo Banzai.


Damn McSpon, beat me to it. Buckaroo Bonzai, definitely.

I always wanted to see a sequel (hell, a whole series) bouncing off Zero Effect. I loved Bill Pullman as the eccentric private eye Daryl Zero, and I thought Ben Stiller was great as his frustrated, long-suffering assistant. Unfortunately the original movie died at the box office (too quirky for people, I guess) so we’ll never see another adventure.