What new TV shows look good this year?

I’ve heard less buzz about this year’s fall TV season than ever before. More proof that the old network model is dying, I guess.

What new shows are you planning to check out?

Nightflyers is from George RR Martin. Buzz is kind of building, but no one has seen it yet Syfy channel.

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I haven’t seen or heard of any new ones that I want to see. Usually there are at least a few that I want to try and hope I’ll like.

I might watch the new Murphy Brown. Apparently Candice Bergen, Faith Ford, Joe Regalbuto and Grant Shaud will be in the new revived series. Also Diane English will be writing and maybe show running.

Not a damn thing.

The FBI series from Dick Wolf might be worthwhile. (BTW, does CBS have any dramas that don’t involve police or other law enforcement agencies?)

On the other hand, Manifest (on NBC, about a plane that lands after what those on the plane thought was a few hours, but to everyone else it’s been five years), looks like the kind of thing that will take many episodes to resolve the underlying mystery. Having been burned already with Lost and many other similar shows, I plan not to watch.

A Million Little Things might be good, but I haven’t seen This Is Us, and AMLT looks like a ripoff of that.

NBC posted a video of the first 10 minutes or so of Manifest on Twitter, and I watched it. Let’s just say I was not hooked.

The only new show that I will even give a chance is The Rookie, and that is strictly on the strength of Nathan Fillion.

I’m trying to decide if New Amsterdam is worth trying. I’ll probably watch the pilot and see what happens.

The Cool Kids looks to be very standard sitcom fare but I do enjoy a fairly mindless chuckle at times. I like the cast - it’s worth half an hour of my time.

I’m interested in Project Blue Book on History.

Littlfinger for GOT hunting UFO’s? Yeah.

Madam Secretary is a political drama, and Bull is a jury consultant, although admittedly involved with the law. Then there’s the new God Friended Me, although I get the feeling it might not be right for the SDMB demographic. But that’s about it.

Salvation, about an asteroid about to hit Earth.

I watched that show, at least for a few episodes. I had to stop, though, because it was so ridiculous. As you said, the situation is that scientists have identified an asteroid headed for Earth, and as is usual in such stories, it’s a planet killer. You’d think that a crisis of this magnitude would be the focus of everyone on the show, and would be entirely the focus of the show itself. But not enough, apparently, for the writers of the show, because they introduced a threatened nuclear war with the Russians, a secret conspiracy to undermine the plans of the hero and even the assassination of the president of the United States.

I have episode 1 of “Manifest” set on my Tivo, and whether I will continue watching it depends on whether I like it or not.

Nothing that I plan to watch, although I’m curious to find out just how bad that new Magnum P.I. reboot really is.

I’m checking out “The Cool Kids” and “I Feel Bad” because they’re projects with people I like. “The Cool Kids” - Vicki Lawrence, David Allen Grier, Leslie Jordan and Martin Mull star. The guys from “Always Sunny” writing producing. “I Feel Bad” has Amy Poehler as a producer and Aisling Bea as one of the stars.

No one else noticed Nightflyers? Huh, I guess there is not much buzz.

I’m halfway hoping that God Friended Me is a semi-spinoff of Person Of Interest.

BBC production, but has just been sold to Netflix for global distribution and has had RAVE reviews in the UK is Bodyguard, about a Police Protection Officer protecting an unpopular Home Secretary.

Fabulous whodunnit with murky political schenanigans. And Keely Hawes as the Home Secretary, phwooar.