What, no Bodyguard (BBC thriller) thread - open spoilers

Americans, when this comes to your shores you simply must watch this. Open spoilers from the next post.

That was a great show with brilliant acting by all the principals. But the directing fell down in the finale. I felt though that the pacing of the ending was wrong. The section with the suicide vest was too long and the police were too quick to jump to the wrong conclusion - would you remember everyone with whom you worked a decade ago? Especially if their face had been disfigured? And the wrap-up of the corrupt cop plotline was too quick. I saw one of the twists - the female suicide bomber - a mile off but the twist that the security services were simply after the kompromat was a good one.

We just finished watching it. Fantastic series!

I mentioned to my son that the wrap-up was a little too pat, but all in all we loved it, and were honestly surprised by some parts ofbthe ending.

I binged it in one night. I thought it was brilliant although the wrap up of the guilty party was a little pat.