What, no Firefly drinking game?

I couldn’t find one on Google. Sure, it’s dead, but I’m sure plenty of people have recorded it.

Surely it would go something like this:

Take 1 drink everytime:

Someone says `ghorram’
The Captain says, “Why are we still talking about this?”
River does something crazy
Kaylee works on the ship

Take 2 drinks whenever:

There is sexual tension between Mal and Inara
Whenever Inara is with a client
Jayne and Simon have a fight
Mal or Zoe talk about the war

Take 3 drinks when:

Somebody disobeys Mal’s orders
Jayne is ashamed of himself, but isn’t quite sure why

Finish your drink when:

Somebody gets kicked into a jet engine
Mal and Inara kiss
Inara does Kaylee’s hair
Zoe does a tuck and roll and comes up firing dual pistolas

You know, that sort of thing.

damn, I’m drunk already

How about:

In celebration, get good and drunk whenever Fox shows the three final episodes!


1 drink when someone curses or otherwise makes an observation in a non-English language.

Were there enough episodes of this program to even establish enough patterns to form a drinking game?

Given Joss “Two Thirds Of Everything I’ve Ever Done Involves Vampires” Whedon’s pedigree, I figure it would have been just halfway into the second season before Firefly was infested with space vampires. So maybe that’s a good thing.

Funny, I don’t remember any vampires on those episodes of Roseanne he wrote.


Roseanne was the vampire.

Actually the daughter was the vampire.