"24"- the drinking game!

I had started composing this for the TV show drinking games thread, but I didn’t want to hijack it too much, and I think 24 offers enough potential drinking inspiration to have its own thread.

And let’s try to keep this spoiler-free with regards to season two for now. Use a spoiler box when referencing something specific from Season 2.

Drink when…
-Jack physically hurts, or mentally torments, a bad guy.
-someone switches sides.
-Mason acts like a jerk.
-Palmer stupidly takes Sherry at her word.
-Kim gets herself in even deeper doo-doo.
-Almeida looks pensive.
-Michelle looks up without tilting her head up.
-Jack asks a bad guy about the identity of his/her employer or the location of a bomb.

Two drinks when…
-Someone gets amnesia.
-The character of someone whose name appears in the opening credits dies.
-The ticking clock is accompanied by something other than the usual bass-enhanced beep, beep…

Bless ye, laddie.

For the guys…a shot every time Kim runs.

For the gals…a shot every time Jack uses his growly voice. (Mmmmmmmm baby…)

Add these as well

Someone kidnaps Kim
Sherry and Lynn glare at each other
Jacks cell phone rings

Shoot, by now, when Mason even shows his face you need to take a healthy swig.

Drink when:

There’s an in/out silent shot of someone thinking real hard.

There’s a reaction shot that’s cut before we see what the character’s reacting to.

Jack walks into a room full of competent professionals and takes over.

Jack is the first of a group into a dangerous situation.

Kim tells someone random that there’s a nuke in LA.

When Jack threatens to kill someone?

Can I add my rules?

One drink when:

  • they show something completely erroneous about L.A. (i.e. driving from downtown to Simi Valley in 10 minutes)

Three drinks when:

  • Jack kills a terrorist’s kid in cold blood.

Puke when:

  • the above turns out to be a hoax.

2 drinks every time that Kim changes into a more revealing outfit.


The spoiler thing is apparently out the window!!!

Drink when the President discovers traitors.
Drink when the President orders someone tortured/imprisoned/ordered out of the operations centre.

Hmm… never mind about the spoilers then… sorry, Knead.

Take a drink every time…

… that Kim’s boobs bounce. :smiley:

Oh come now- if people took a drink every time Kim did something stupid that put her in even more danger, they’d die of alcohol poisoning 15 minutes into any episode!

Okay, how about take a drink every time Jack does something that you or I would get arrested for?

Drink every time people in the same room are talking to each other via split screen.

Two drinks if a 24 newbie asks “When are the people on this show supposed to eat or sleep or go to the bathroom?”

A drink every time Kim’s boobs jiggle while she runs.

A drink every time Kate clutches her necklace.

A drink every time you see Ro Laren.