Charmed Drinking Game

While I was out of work for a few months, I got hooked on to 4 hours a day of Charmed on TNT. Yes it’s cheese, but it’s MY cheese. Anyway, I came up with a list of a few events to take a drink to every time they occur, and I invite my fellow Dopers who indulge in the guilty pleasure that is Charmed to add to the list.

  1. Take a drink whenever Piper freezes Leo during an argument.

  2. Take a drink whenever Leo orbs out during an argument with Piper.

  3. Take a drink whenever any of the sisters say “I can’t find anything in the Book of Shadows about it.”

  4. Take a drink when they later DO find something in the Book of Shadows about it.

  5. Take a drink whenever Piper says “I just want to lead a normal life.”

  6. Take a drink whenever a demon attack results in a part of their house getting destroyed.

  7. Take a drink whenever Paige wants to orb something but can’t figure out what to call it, like “Sharp weapon thingy!”

  8. Take a drink whenever Phoebe shows partial boobage.

  9. Take a drink whenever Leo says he’ll consult with the Elders about it.

  10. Take a drink whenever Leo tells the sisters the Elders don’t know anything about it.

  11. Take a drink whenever Leo tells the sisters the Elders won’t let him tell them anything about it.

  12. Take a drink whenever Phoebe goes psycho and embarasses a boyfriend in public.

  13. Take a drink whenever Daryl tells them “Look, I’m putting my job on the line here whenever I talk to you girls” or something to that effect.

I’m pretty sure you’d suffocate if you held you breath to hold a drink that long, since ipretty much the entire scene of every scene she is in has top-boob, cleavage, or side-boob

Take a drink whenever one of the sisters transforms into a magical creature (banshee, mermaid, wendigo, etc.).

Take a drink when the sisters travel in time, or when a warlock travels from the past or future to kill them.

Take a drink if Barbas appears.

Take a drink if Chris refuses to reveal some bit of information because “it could change the future.”

Yes, that was the magic of the show. :slight_smile:

Take a drink if the Angel of Death appears.

Take a drink when an Elder warns that they can sense a great evil approaching.

Take a drink if Leo is wearing flannel.

Take a drink if a demon battle happens at P3.

Take a drink when the episode ends with a musical guest performing at P3.

Take a drink when one of the sisters is possessed or switches bodies with someone else.

Take a drink when Brody whines about how the Avatars killed his parents.

Take a drink if the show contradicts its own continuity. :wink:

And the ultimate… Take a drink when one of the sisters has to leave work abruptly because of a “family emergency.”

Or, if you’d like to stay sober while watching Charmed… Take a drink whenever Prue appears to be wearing a bra. :slight_smile:

Take a drink if someone uses the “Let the object of objection…” spell.

Take a drink if Phoebe wonders whether she’ll ever find true love.

Take a drink if someone’s Innocent gets killed.

Take a drink if Cole gets vanquished… again.

Take a drink if Leo repairs some damage to the manor.

Take a drink if you can correctly guess whether the end-credits music will be the “upbeat music” or the “pensive music.” :slight_smile:

I’d have to be drunk before watching that show again, thanks very much.

Take a drink if some Halliwell ancestor is summoned/appears from the past. If multiple persons are summoned, chug.

Take a drink whenever anyone calls the trio, The Charmed Ones.

Then call 911 because you’ll have alcohol poisoning by then.

Take a second drink if the other sisters simply shrug it off as the one sister “acting strangely”.

Take a drink if Gram brings the snark.

Take a drink whenever somebody says “I know, but we have no choice.”

Take a drink whenever the guest demon chews the scenery. Or the guest whitelighter. Or when the guest demon chews the guest whitelighter.

Take a drink whenever they borrow a Harry Potter element but try to make it look like they’re not.

You’d need an IV. Or perhaps some kind of magical endrunkening spell. I’ll check the Book of Shadows, assuming that demon who mysteriously disappeared at the end of Act 2 isn’t waiting upstairs in the attic just like they always are.

Charmed may be the only guilty pop culture pleasure I have. Most stuff I like, I’m reasonably proud of, but Charmed is embarrassing in its formulaicness and its third-wave, empowerment-of-sexy-chicks-with-issues-wearing-almost-nothing esthetic. Oh well. I only watch it when I’m working out, if there’s nothing good on ESPN.