What, no NFL predictions this year?

Am I just missing this thread somehow? I can’t find the usual NFL Predictions that we’ve come to know and love. I joined a suicide pool this year, and I had in mind that most of my research would just involve reading the SDMB. :smack:

Anyway, I’m looking at the Colts, Seahawks, or Ravens being the best bet for this week. Any thoughts?

It didn’t generate the amount of pre-season predictions that it usually does (probably because of it’s late start) but there is the 2007 NFL Predictions Thread.

As for this this week, the odds show five near-locks:

Bears by 12.0 over KC
Ravens by 10 over the Jets
Denver by 10 over Oakland
Jags by 10 over Atlanta
Steelers by 9.5 over the Bills

If you’re in a suicide pool, any of those are good choices – however, I can practically guarentee you that at least one of those “locks” will lose straight-up. I went with Jacksonville, simply because this is probably the largest spread they’ll see all season – I’ll save the other tems for further down the road.

As for the others you mentioned, Seattle is more than capable of shitting the bed against the Arizona, and while the Colts certainly should beat the Titans, I wouldn’t pick them in an elimination pool this week.

San Francisco 49ers: NFC West Champions
Patrick Willis: Defensive Rookie of the Year

I’ll go with my usual daring prediction:

The New Orleans Saints will WIN THE SUPERBOWL this season and everyone will start wearing fleur-de-lis T-shirts.

One year I’m bound to be right.

I’m predicting that half of you will still be left.

Are we still doing weekly threads?

A number of people here are playing pick 'em and survival games, so that’s where many of the the weekly predictions might be going.

There is also a 2007 NFL Predictions Thread