What non-alcoholic drink do non-drinkers order in bars?

If you never frequent bars ordinarily, but friends happen to take you to one? I never know what to ask for. What I really want, San Pellegrino, isn’t always available. Perrier could substitute for that, but it isn’t always available either. What does that leave?

I always just get a coke and transition into water towards the end of the night.

I get a Coke if it’s a bar, or an iced tea if it’s one of those bar/resturant combos.

Diet Coke.

If I’m not drinking, it’s a Coke for me. Always tasted good coming out that spray fountain gizmo they have behind the bar.

If I’m designated driver, I typically drink Coke or Diet Coke. Gotta stay awake, which is harder for me to do as I slide further into middle age.

Jack Daniels.

I’m a big fan of cranberry juice and club soda, sometimes with a lime wedge if I am feeling really out of control.

We often get a Sprite/7-up with a splash of cranberry or cherry juice. In a glass or plastic cup it looks like a mixed drink and keeps the drunks from continuously bugging you to let them buy you a drink.

TV alcoholics in bars always order club soda with lime. It must be in the AA book.

:mad: You sick bastard! How could you say something like that in a thread like this? It’s Grey Goose.


If I don’t feel like drinking, which is much of the time, I usually order tonic water with lots of lime.

And do you order it as “7-up with a splash of cherry juice,” or call it by its proper name (ideally in your clearest, loudest, bass-est voice), “Shirley Temple, please!”? :smiley:

A glass of Coke also looks exactly like a mixed drink.

You know. A drink mixed with Coke.

Lime and soda
Lemon, lime and bitters

You would think. But drunks can be so clever. If it looks like something that could just be a soda, they’ll ask. If it looks like a mixed drink, not so much.

And yes, you ain’t got a hair on your ass if ya don’t saunder into a biker bar and order a “Shirley Temple” at the top of your voice.

It is discussed in rehab and other therapy. AA doesn’t address those types of earthly things except as opinion from self-identifying members. Any of the clear beverages with lemon or lime do fine. What you want to stay away from is milk.

I tend to order Sprite/7-Up since it tastes less sugary than a Coke, and it’s easier to nurse one for longer periods of time.

Plus, you can expose other non-drinkers when they express amazement that you’re drinking.

Bud Light is barely alchohol

Ok, I have to ask…why?