What non-DCU characters would be worthy of a Green Lantern power ring?

Inspired by this thread about other fictional characters who could have carried the One Ring in* Lord of the Rings*:

What fictional characters outside the DCU would be considered worthy of a Green Lantern power ring? Or other DCU characters, so long as they’re not ordinarily associated with the Corps. (I think it’s canon that Superman was actually Abin Sur’s first choice for his successor, but it was decided that he either wasn’t a representative Terran (not being one in the first place) or that he was already powerful enough on his own.

My first nomination for non-DCU character: Aragorn son of Arathorn. Book version, of course, not movie, and before he became king of the reunited kingdom; I rather think the Guardians would automatically disqualify any monarch. Fearless? Check. Honorable? Check. Iron will-power? Double-check. The only problem would be that he’d automatically be distrustful of magic rings.

Anybody els?

Indiana Jones. If he could handle the Holy Grail, he’s worthy of handling a little Green Lantern ring. And who wouldn’t want to see him kick some Nazi butt with that ring?

Indy might lose out because of his snake phobia.

Experience with Kyle Rayner has taught the Guardians a valuable lesson: the key is to recruit people who can overcome great fear, not those that never experience fear at all. Indiana doesn’t like snakes, but it’s never stopped him from doing what he had to do.

“Yellow, why did it have to be yellow?”

As for me, I nominate Detective John McClane of Die Hard fame.
“Now I have a Power Ring. HoHoHo.”

Or Jackie Chan.

Or maybe Malcolm Reynolds. They all are reknowned for taking huge risks and taking a hell of a beating, but still keep coming. That’s what the Guardians are looking for.

Not knowing much of the rules of the Green Lantern’s ring, I can only postulate a couple of folks.

Felix would be an obvious first choice, I think. (For those of you who have read the book.) OTOH, he has run away from being a Gaurdian Archon, but always protected those around him.

If women are allowed to carry the ring, I would suggest Friday Jones.

I would think both are fearless, honorable, and have iron will-power.

I’d nominate Number Ten Ox, from Bridge of Birds and Barry Hughart’s other Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox.

He is entirely pure of heart, and brave enough to walk into insanely dangerous situations to save the children of his village (even though he was often shaking from straw hat to sandals when he did so). He’s not terribly bright, but he often has startling insights, which puts him way ahead of Guy Gardner in my book. He is capable of enormous focus and dedication, and never swerves from his basic goals, even when he appears distracted.

I’d also nominate Jame of Knorth (from P.C. Hodgell’s Kencyrath stories, but only to watch the Guardian’s blue faces blanch to ghost-white. :slight_smile: (She’s brave, honorable to the brink of insanity, and iron-willed…but she’s also a walking disaster.)


Can’t believe I’m the first to nominate these:

You want someone to go to the darkest, most violent planets known and instill order and the fear of the Guardians into the little buggers? Give a ring to everyone’s favorite Cimmerian, Conan. Now THAT’S some tales of the Corps you would have to brown-bag. Course, he might reject it in favor of just using a sword…

On the other hand, if you want inventive…why not McGyver? He can make miracles out of nothing, so what could he do with a wishing ring?

I’ll use it wisely. I promise.

Batman if he’s prepared :smiley:

Like you weren’t thinking it!

Drat you, you stole my answer. (you were crossing your fingers on the use it wisely line to, right?) :wink:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! :cool:

Oh, and thanks for backup, Menocchio. :slight_smile:

Some other comics characters:

-Hob Galding. He’s probably the human (rather than former human, like the Spectre or Deadman) best-equipped to understand the idea of limitless power and the duties that go with it (not to mention he would make kick-ass use of the ring). Plus I’d love to see Morpheus turn up for one of their meetings, and be freaked out by what Hob has.
-Ozymandias. Yeah, he’d probably end up killing another million people or so, but can you think of anyone in the Watchmanverse better suited (imagination, check. fearlessness, check. willpower? HELL yes). And the Smartest Man Alive should be able to think of some clever uses for The Ultimate Tool.
-Tom Strong. I doubt he really needs one, but he is definitely fearless. My only worry is that he has frequently been shown to be unable to interact entirely normally with other humans (possessing a kind of Super-Asperger’s at times), so this may affect his use of the ring.
-Batman. You knew someone was going to say it. Plus, of course, this would finally satiate the Bat-fanboys, since now he really will be able to do anything- if prepared.
-Allen Quartermain. He’s gone toe-to-toe with Martians, demons, chinamen and an enraged Mr. Hyde- I think for once, he deserves the upper hand. Plus, he definitely meets the willpower and fearlessness qualifications.

You’re a fictional character? :eek: I always suspected it!

The joke, maybe.

But post-Crisis Batman is clearly NOT worthy. I’m pretty sure the Guardians have a “not obviously crazy” clause along with the fearless and honest requirements. And Abin Sur’s ring fetched Superman to its side, not Bruce.

I hereby nominate Steve Rogers.

I think you’re misremembering. While their have been Elseworlds with Superman as a GL (And Batman, for that matter), and the Guardians had considered making young Kal-El the next Green Lantern of Sector 2813 before Krypton’s untimely demise, Abin Sur’s ring selected two specific individuals as particularly worthy : Guy Gardner, and Hal Jordan. Hal made the cut by virtue of being closer to Abin’s location.

Drat! I’m out then.

cough NON-DCU cough

Let’s see … if we take off in a totally different direction …

How about Turanga Leela? She’s already a good fighter and strong and pure of heart. I think she could pull it off.

Would any pirate qualify if he’s a good guy? Captain Jack Sparrow? Nah, not good enough. Maybe Monkey D. Luffy … he’s always helping out people in a tight spot.

One could give it to Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo, but how’d you ever know if he actually used it or not? That’d be kinda like giving the One Ring to Tom Bombadil …