What Olympian are you?

The BBC has a fun little app here. Put in your height and weight and it will give you your closest Olympian match. Apparently I’m Andre Vonarburg, a Swiss rower. Years ago I was told I had the right shape for rowing but never looked into trying it.

I looked at this the other day. Apparently I’m either a British male shooter, a Greek female sailor or a British female basketball player.

I do actually sail and have done reasonably well at clay-pigeon shooting in the past. Maybe there’s something to this!

I’m a British female handball player named Ewa Palies, apparently.

You are most like:

Juan Ignacio Cerra

R. Sayidov

Simon Terry
Team GB
“Athletics”? What the hell sport is "athletics?

But, hey, at least I’m an athlete!

It’s what the US calls Track and Field.

I’m a female shot putter.

I was coming in here to say I was Zeus–I’m all about throwing lightning bolts, changing into an animal to get it on with hot chicks while my wife’s not looking, and having my daughter erupt fully-formed from my head.

But according to the app, I’m most like a French handballer (M. Gnabouyou, with the best name ever), an American “athlete” (Manteo Mitchell), Japanese and Gabonian footballers (Shunsuke Ando and Didier Ovono), and a GBish hockeyist (James Fair). Also, generally speaking, pretty solidly in the middle-upper part of the distribution.

It compared me to an Italian men’s BMX rider. It’s a bit wonky though – it says he’s 5 feet, 12 inches tall…

I thought you were a guy.
Ah, East German.

I’m Shane Mangroo of Seychelles, swimming.

I’m either German diver, or British hockey players. Presumably, that’s supposed to be “field hockey”.

I’m one of two British females, dabbling in Equestrian and gymnastics.

I’m a Greek weightlifter! Pass the stuffed grape leaves.

Maria Fernanda Valez (I’m male BTW)

Naaah. It’s the Summer Olympics; not much call for ice hockey.

Seems I am a British male canoeist or an American female hammer thrower.

OK…I’m closest to either a heavyweight female judo competitor from the Seychelles or Mitt Romney’s horse.

guess we’ll be competing as I am a Finish female hammer thrower.

I’m a tall hammer thrower. Clicking around it is interesting to see how the shotputters, discus throwers and hammer throwers go from heaviest to lighter(lightest seems like a misnomer) but their heights don’t change as much.

I am now know as…Jane Mayes, A kinda hot looking Handballer from GB.

I best start practicing!

Apparently, I’m most like an Israeli sailor. But if I grew a foot I’m be a Greek high jumper.

You only have one foot?

I am a Ukrainian weightlifter. Now, I can tell my wife that I don’t don’t need to work out, I have the body of an Olympic athlete. :slight_smile: