What percentage of dopers are willing to go to dopefests?

That’s how it started for all of us, honestly.

I’m interested but generally unavailable.

And Darwin’s Finch, at Twin Cities Dopefests we tend to eat and watch football, rather than drink (a lot), except for lno’s Porkapalooza, which I did not attend but I’m guessing that instead of eating and watching football, they ate and ate some more…

Ottadope wasa blast :smiley:

We are doing it again soon, and Sugardope is coming up soon… I also heard of a NiagraDope and others… they happen all the time. Just go to one, even if for an hour. Why not? :slight_smile:

I met a bunch of great people here which was nice since I only realyl knew people through work since I had moved here.

Remember that while Lobsang is technically in the UK, he’s on the Isle of Man. That’s a pretty fair distance away from London, where most of the UK dopefests are held. It’s fair to say it would involve a considerable “Why YES, I shall go and meet these people” decision for him to attend.

Still though, us UK dopers are an alright bunch. First time we met… well, we’d never met before. And we did fine. Plenty of beer and talk and the occasional curry. We’ve had nails hammered into noses, honarary small sheep, fangs, snogging, chair-lifting, and other things. There are quiet people, loud people, pretty people (Hi Tansu!), interesting people. Not some weird, scary bunch of losers, just normal people who all read the SDMB. You’re very welcome to come along.

[sub]PS - Thanks for mentioning the flowerpot incident Kyla. You’re a true friend who never forgets when someone makes an arse of themself ;)[/sub]

What do you call each other, RL names or usernames. If the latter, I’d really like to attend a dopefest with ThatGuyWithPants.


I’ve never met another Doper IRL and am planning to go to the next ChiDope in May. I’m very excited to attend a DopeFest in the Mother City. I can’t wait!

And walking into a crowd of people that I’ve never met to eat, drink, and be merry is odd? geesh. I had no idea.


I’ve gone to the two kosher Dopefests here in New York. I enjoyed meeting the people behind the usernames and getting to know them. I certainly hope we do it again sometime soon.

Zev Steinhardt

Because, of course, I have never once made an ass out of myself at a Dopefest. No sir, I am the very picture of sobriety and decency at all times.

I realize I’m still new, but I’d sure love to attend one of these gathering.

I’ve simply never met so many interesting people in one place.

Even though NY gatherings have been known to get a little alcohol soaked, people do come, not drink and have a great time (ask Eve and Acrylic Vessel– aka Mrs. Heap.)

Most of these gatherings begin in a restaurant where the conversation usually begins with a subject everyone here is familiar with-- the SDMB. If you want to come but feel that you will be left out or not known (even though this won’t happen) bring a friend. We don’t bite-- unless you ask nicely.

I was lurker when I saw a **Kal and Washte do Dublin ** thread and I just jumped in and went.
Enjoyed it, met some nice peeps who live here, as well as the visitors from across the sea. Pretty good fun. We all used real names and while I was a bit lost when the discussions turned to who said what in the BBQ pit and who different people were on SDMB, I soon got over that and we all babbled on fairly uproariously for the rest of the evening.

If there is one on near you, go - what have you got to lose?
As you live in the Isle of Man, though, you might be a bit hard pressed to find a nest of Manx Dopers.
Why not gird your loins and have a weekend away to wherever the next one is?

East to Great Britain or west to Ireland?
Keep the boat filled with deisel and ready to go!

I’ve passed on the ones near me, and I’d probably pass on one in my town. I don’t like parties at all, don’t drink, and would feel really uncomfortable. Not that I’d be missed - I’m not ringing the pity phone here, I just can’t imagine anyone syaing, “Man, this would be better if Legomancer were here!” I don’t come here for a social outlet, not in that sense, at least.

That’s a shame, Lego, I’d love to chat with you about your D&D game - what I saw of it looks great.

Delphica and I have had hour-long discussions on the current goings-on of the Star Wars universe.

I talk with Biggirl about music and make fun of her kids.

I met a number of Dopers for the first time in January (mostly those crazy canucks) who were extremely nice folks and saw some others who live far away and I haven’t spoken with in months.

It’s liek catching up on old times. And, unfortunately, the SDMB is pretty much a social outlet for me.

I’m betting a Dopefest would be way more fun with you in attendance. How heavy is the vat of nutritive fluid? Is it on wheels? Can we pour beer in the vat?

Like many of you, I’d love to attend a dopefest, but unfortunately I haven’t seen one near me. While I wish I could organize one myself, I’m afraid I just don’t have that kind of time.

I’d love to make it up to a NYDope sometime though. I’ve got some friends there that are way overdue for a visit, and I might just be able to encourage them to tag along.

Of course I’d have to save up for a plane ticket, but I think it’d be worth it.

It was great meeting you curly chick - as well as all the other Dublin Dopers.

We didn’t call it an official Dopefest, but each night we got together we had at least 7 people there. We had a great time getting to know each other, chatting about the SDMB, chatting about more personal things.

Making friends.

I am definitely looking forward to attending another Dopefest - be it in Ireland, here in the UK, or even meeting a few of you when we come to the US sometime this year.

I highly recommend attending. They are great fun, and meeting people you’ve shared information with makes for a wonderful relationship builder. Can you ever have too many friends?

Gundy only pawn in game of life.

Funny thing, reading through this thread. It made me realize that 90% of the people I hang out with I met through an internet messageboard. Granted, it was a local board and connected to a music board with lots of local musician gossip. We started going to shows, meeting one another, and now we are truly the best of friends. I don’t think it sounds bad at all. Granted, it was kind of funny the first time I met CB. I told her it was the first blind date I’d ever had with a girl. hee hee.

I posted a link to our party pictures on the titty thread. Just about all of those friendships were started over the internet. I think it’s pretty dern cool.

So, yes, I’d totally go to a Dopefest.

I’d definitely go to one if it was close enought to me. For now, I really don’t have time, maybe when I finish school. Then there’s this little problem of me being “directionally challenged” I guess. I get lost, and confused, and more lost. I’d have to find someone to go with me, and that might take a bit of searching.

I think they sound like a lot of fun though! I’d love to be able to put faces with all the names here that I’ve come to know and love so much.

As many others have said, Dopefests are a great place to meet people and make friends. I was skeptical when I went to my first 'fest but I figured, “hey, if it sucks, I can leave.” It didn’t suck.